DTube Subscriber Drive Challenge!

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Let's show some love to our DTube content creators busting their butts to make kick ass videos for our enjoyment!

We have a plethora of awesome creators making content around games like APEX LEGENDS, FORTNITE, COD, PUBG, WARHAMMER, SKYRIM, MTG, MINECRAFT, SPLINTERLANDS, HASH RUSH, the list goes on..!

The goal of this challenge is to drive up subscribers and raise awareness for our gaming content creators on DTube. As a bonus we thought it would be cool to support existing game projects here on STEEM with the prizes. Lets show this awesome community some love and jump into our challenge -->

The Challenge

  • Subscribe to 3 new DTube creators and list theme in a comment down below.
  • Nominate and Tag 3 gamer friends to participate in the challenge. We'll post an example below.
  • That's it! All valid entries are entered into a prize draw, 5 lucky winners will split all the loot!

The Prizes

Submission Deadline: This Challenge will be open for 7 days, you have until 9am EST Monday, July 29th. BUT don't wait until the last minute and risk missing out on winning these prizes! No Resteem, No Upvote, No Follow required.



Here is my entry:

Subscribed to:

I will tag:
This guys do videos also on gaming!

Awesome, thanks for contributing to our challenge!

I have subscribed to

@clove71, sworn that it was already subscribed

And tag:


Cool Initiative guys

just subscribed to

Tagging :

come join the fun !

Some great picks there, thanks for contributing!

I'm trying to be more active on dtube, feel free to send me any channel recommendations! ^_^


@doggodfroglog- always droppin some game info
@jodipamungkas- he does a lot of neat gaming content~
@clove71- she's so lovely and helpful, she gave me my first starter pack for Splinterlands ^_^


@crystalhuman @bigjoy @bapin

Awesome, thanks for entering the contest!

Thank yew so much! ^_^

Good luck guys,hope you are a winner on this challenge 👍

Thank you!👍👍👍

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Very coool, some great pics!

👍 I will give it a try @battlegames ! and check out these picks when I get a chance as im very busy these days, And barely even have time to play Splinterlands, lol! Its great to see more content creators on Dtube!
👍 I just subscribed to these DTube gamers!:
Three gamers I Tag:

I love and played Splinterlands from the start! Good luck everyone! upped and resteemed! 👍🚀😎 #palnet #spt #battle

Awesome, you're in!

Haha, cool thanks @battlegames !👍👍👍

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Good contest. Glad to see all the new content creators on Dtube!

Will definitely be posting my videos on there soon!

Thanks @battlegames


@jodipamungkas - Mate has some nice warhammer vids
@obelus - She's just gotten started and does graphic design. Gave us INTs some assets.
@xr-hammergaming - Dragon quest builder let's play


@akomoajong @wakeupkitty @d-zero

You're in, thanks for contributing!

I Love your Contests and I really Love @battlegames and Battle Tokens. In Fact I Upped my Staking Today to 3000 Battle. I Like Being a Whale.........

Yaas! We have an awesome community, you're support means a lot!

Thank you for saying that

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@battlegames, After launch of Scottube we are seeing great boost to Communities and it's adding so much value. Keep up the good work.

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That is so great to hear! We're in a great position to build. We have lots of gamers, we have content creators, and game dev's, and now we can bring them together. Good things are happening here.

Yes. Good wishes from my side team and hope that this Ecosystem will expand.

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Have to see if I can do it in time. 💕

You can do it, I'll even help. Jump on battletube.io and hit the trending page you'll see our curated creators. Find a few you like and you're almost there...!

What a good incentive!
Will be great to see even more content creators using Dtube and battlegames.io

I'm recommending people to subscribe to:

I'm tagging

Thanks a lot!

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Great initiative and thanks to @d-zero for the late tag though I realized @doggodfroglog had done so earlier on. Thanks doggy :)

I've loved the whole idea of @battlegames from the on set and I recently wrote a post about how I managed to acquire 1,600 battle stake to qualify for the month end draw

Back to this contest, I've subscribed to @clove71, @jeffjagoe and @voxmortis

Tagging gamer friends; @loler555 @goodguymate and @mango-juice

Thank you!

Luv u dude :)

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