Month End Draw Winners!

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! To everyone who is involved in our awesome community!

It's been a great month, we've seen our community expand in leaps and bounds! Believe me we've got some awesome things in the works, ready to make August even awesomer!

The Draw

The draw was conducted this evening with all Battle Squad members hodling 1,500 tokens or more. Thanks for the support!


Legendary Crypt Mancer

place #1: @bosmob


5x Beta Booster Packs

place #1: @kaelci

place #2: @darthgexe

place #3: @pacolimited

place #4: @ph1102.battle

place #5: @detour


5x Essence Orbs

place #1: @borodas

place #2: @monsterdraw

place #3: @hertz300

place #4: @elemental010

place #5: @byzantinekitty


5x 1 TARUK Tokens [Rada Quest TCG]

place #1: @lpessin.battle

place #2: @fantasycrypto

place #3: @shoemanchu

place #4: @jodipamungkas

place #5: @monsterstamer


5x 100 RORS Tokens [Road of Rich]

place #1: @elemental010

place #2: @borodas

place #3: @maxer27

place #4: @karenmckersie

place #5: @darthgexe


Thanks all! Rewards are on their way!

If you have won a Splinterlands prize but dont have a Splinterlands account let me know below in the comments or connect with us on Discord.

How to acquire BATTLE:

  • Use the #battle tag on your gaming content.
  • Stake your BATTLE and earn through curation. 50% of rewards go to curators!
  • Play in @battlegames hosted Splinterlands Tournaments
  • Purchase from the Steem-Engine Exchange

Thanks for supporting the Gaming Community!

See you on the battle field.

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Greetings, @battlegames

I do not win nothing :(. So sad....
But, maybe, next month!!! Congratulations for all winnners!!!!!

#spt #battle #palnet #steemace #neoxian

Wow ! Lots of things on draw ...

But I had a bad luck ..🤔😭, which continues from last 3 draws 😁😂🤣

Congrats ! to all winners ..

Congrats 🎉 👏 to all winners

No luck for me this time, looks like I only got some RORS Tokens a game I have never played or no nothing about, lol, I barely have time these days to play splinterlands! Congrats though to all the winners, that was awesome card for first place @bosmob Wow, jackpot there!! upped and resteemed for ya, @battlegames I did another promotional post for you recently, keep up the great work! 👍👍👍👹

Hehehe, I love your reactions pics. Better luck for the next one.

Awe thanks lol, you too!👍🤣😂

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Congrats to all winners! Maybe I have some more luck next time

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Thank you!! 😀😀😀

Lots of prizes,but luck bad
Congrats to the winners

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Congratulations, better luck next month guys!

I was not knowing that staking the battle token give you a entry for giveaway.

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Congratulations to all of the winners and Thank You @battlegames for all the Wonderful Opportunities that you give us.................

Congrats to all the winners! I hope I can be part of this draw soon! Only 12 battle to go LOL...

Thank you
I have won a Splinterlands prize but dont have a Splinterlands account

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Congrats to all the winners!

Looking forward to the coming months :)

Congrats to all the winners.

Congratulations to all winners !!

Thanks for draw!
But what about more informative of the ... hmm... sponsors?
Not only the logos but the clickable logos to the post-presentations of these
Rada Quest and Road Of Rich

If not - interesting the explanation - why.
And such links for me exlusively as onswer of this comment)

Thank you very much for the beta packs and the RORS tokens, I'm very happy
And congratulations to the other winners.