New Tournaments Posted! [July 10th - 13th]

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New tournaments have been posted, see you on the battlefield!

Prizes up for grabs this week:

  • Delwyn Dragonscale [Gold Foil edition] - Courtesy of @rentmoney
  • 2000+ BATTLE Tokens

Tournament Schedule

  • Wednesday, July 10 - 3:00PM EST - Silver League - NLS
  • Thursday, July 11 - 3:00PM EST - Silver League - NLS
  • Saturday, July 13 - 12:00PM EST - Silver League - NLS

Thanks for supporting Battle Games tournaments!

See you on the field.

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Thanks for hosting tournaments. Got 16th in the Thursday one. It was actually 5am Friday morning for me as I’m in Australia.
It was a bit of a struggle getting up at 4:30am to live stream your tournament on VimmTv but well worth it.
Here is a screen shot I took.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the tournament and to @pacolimited for winning it.
Thanks again , have an awesome day!

Wow that's early, thank you so much for streaming the tournament! Next time you're streaming pls let us know so we can inform the community. If there's even a day that works best for ya Im happy to make a tournament that's not 4:30 am your time 😎

Your welcome @battlegames.

I live stream daily at 6am GMT+10hrs or 8pm GMT time if that’s easier .

Live streaming daily on VimmTv has been a great way to help promote VimmTv and awesome live streaming community on Steem , it has also helped me to get my daily quests done and continue to build up my deck.

I will keep an eye on the tournaments list and try join you tournaments if they are at a time that I can get on .

More then happy to give you guys a shout out whilst I’m live streaming.

Feel free to check out VimmTv, we have a few gamers live streaming so definitely worth checking them out .

Here is my referral link if your interested:

Have an awesome day!

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Greetings, @battlegames

Excelent tournament!!! I know that i will not win hahahha, but, i will try to join all!!!!

Excelent prizes!!!! Thank you too for @rentmoney

Bye bye and see you there!!

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I'm loving battlegames!
I can really see this platform doing well, definitely want to stake as much as possible while we can!

I love hoddling the battle tokens, who doesn't love staking it!

And then vote on your favorite content and earn more! This is the way social media is supposed to be!

Ooooh, I would love to win that Gold DELWYN ! Awesome to see more tournaments posted @battlegames , will you still be doing pop up draws during the month and have a month end draw!? looking forward to the Posted tournys my friend and really loving the and collecting those BATTLE Tokens that I will be Stakeing so much at a time like 500 I staked up recently! GO BATTLE GAMES!!👍👍👍👹❤😎
P.S: Maybe you should do some draws for the BattleSquad members that have 2000 and more BATTLE now that more people are getting more Battle tokens ! Just a suggestion. Upped 100% and resteemed!👍👍👍 #spt #palnet #battle

love these battle tourneys ..

@battlegames, At the moment i don't have the Gold Cards but i am excited towards the Splinterlands Journey and putting my time into Splinterlands Battles. 👍

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