Win Bonus Splinterlands UNTAMED Packs!

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Top 3 Finishers in Today's UNTAMED Crowdfunding Closing Celebration Win a BONUS UNTAMED PACK!

All BATTLE Tribe members with a Discord role of Creator or Gamer are eligible to win an UNTAMED pack.

Join our DISCORD here if you're not already a member!


3x UNTAMED Packs exclusively for our Discord members!

When the tournament is all said and done we will find the top 3 finishers that are also @battlegames Discord members and award them a bonus UNTAMED pack for being awesome!

Have fun and see you on the battlefield!


greetings, @battlegames

give me one pleaseeeeeeee

thank you

Top 3 only!! haha

ok ok thank you

Awesome promotion ....

Good luck Battlegames participants, see you on the battle-field!

Sweet, glad you dig it!

Nice challenge... I guess I'll really have to rent cards now don't I?

haha maybe! This tourney was Silver League so low level cards would probably be pretty cheap to rent..

nice, good contest


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BDvoter Team

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It was a Fun Tournament and at Least I came in 21st not Bad..... @battlegames

deranged You just received DERANGED @battlegames Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

@battlegames, Keep up with these encouraging initiatives team and keep achieving more adoption and growth. Stay blessed.

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