Are Gold cards worth it?

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Today's daily quest draw included a gold foil Rusty Android (not a card that I play very often...). The drop rate of these gold foil cards (without potions) is pretty low... it's a pretty rare event for me to find one. They scale up a little bit faster and begin at a higher level (which is handy if you draw one and your regular cards are pretty low level... below level 4)... plus they alter the drop rate for DEC in battle in which they are deployed.

So, definitely there is a use case for them... however, for me.... most of the cards in my deck are now level 5/6 which means that a non-levelled gold foil is not going to be better than the regular card. There are a few cases where I still have a more powerful gold foil, but it generally isn't the case. In the early parts of the season, if I'm limited by the tier cap, then the gold foil is a decent deployment over the regular card if they are going to be capped at the same level anyway... for the DEC drop bonus.

.. but these days, the gold foil is a nice bonus... but Í'm much more happy to see legendary and rare drops... as those are the cards that I prefer to use anyway, and they can be used straight away in levelling my deck. I'm starting to not combine the gold foils unless they are enough to completely level a card... just keeping my options open to selling them, as I'm starting to be at a point where they are of limited utility in the game... and might just be worth more to me as an asset to hold or sell!

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I've picked a few gold ones to level up, but mostly I sell them. For some of them I'd rather level up a mess of rares and commons with the value they bring.

I think you've got the right idea there... they are too expensive to level by buying and drop too little to level by that route!

It is indeed always a hard decision what to do with the golden foils.
If I do play the card, I do keep them, hoping that I do catch some others so that I can level it up.
If I do use the card, I will put it up for sale!


Yes, I'm never really sure to keep them or not... I guess I'll hang onto them for the moment, I doubt that they will really change so much in price one way or another!

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Without a doubt

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always a nice one flipping some gold ones there dude!

If they are worth it? Well this rusty android sure isnt, unless you level it up max or use it for some extra DEC, but otherwise I would say...burn or sell ;)

Sell... it doesn't really bring in that much DEC!

You never know, maybe just sit on them

I might, but I don't think that these are going to get much more in demand!

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I welcome all gold cards @bengy, even Rusty! 😁

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Ha ha... me too!

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