Comment Prize Payouts (Tokens + Splinterlands Reward Cards)

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Hello World,

you might remember that I have promised to be sharing some of my author's rewards for my most recent posts.

I personally decided to do so, in order to being able to entice and motivate my audience further to comment and reply on topics that are shared.

So far, this has worked quite well, so here are your well deserved shares of my rewards:


Thanks to @literalypotato, @r1s2g3, @thegoliath, @julisavio, @karenmckersie, @palikari123, @akomoajong2, @rentmoney
for giving quality replies.

Because I love sharing, I have also decided last week to randomly give away rewards cards from my daily quest rewards, whenever it feels right.


The random comment picker has spoken and decided the winner is @philippekiene
Congrats mate, the "Sea Genie" is on it's way to his new master.


See you guys in the next one ;)

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Glad to be a part of it and thank you!

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Interesting way to entice others to comment and interact on your topics.

Thanks for the BATTLE tokens !

Nice one... Thank you!

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Here have a !BEER @criticalthinkin

You cannot sent token to yourself.


Thanks for this giveaway. Those 25 battles are safely staked now.

#battle #spt #neoxian #steemace # palnet

@criticalthinkin, This is appreciable step because it boost the Engagement Ecosystem. Keep up the good work and hope that your content will be consumed more.

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Nearly sent it to my self, that would be a bit weird.. here is your !BEER

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Hey @criticalthinkin, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!