Winner Announcement Day# 99 And New Steemmonsters Card Giveaway From nureza #day104

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Congratulation To The Winner My Post Giveaway day#99
The Winner Fire Beetle is @eii

And then for anyone who wants to follow a giveaway is very welcome, good luck :)


Hi steemit fellow, Welcome to my blog! I’m back with a good news here... For today I will give Rexxie. I think this card can be counted on enough if we want to play optimally in the silver league or god league maybe

Card On Offer: Rexxie


First, Make sure to follow me @nureza to be alerted my steemmonsters card giveaway

Second, Comment on this post "your SteemMonster Username"

And then, the Winner will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker


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Thank you @nureza.

Hi @lavandos you just won, prizes on their way

Got it! Many thanks!


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@wonderwop 🤞

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