Weekly Tournament Results and Best Quest Opening!

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Hello Splinterland battlers!

I thought I would start sharing my tournament results and best pack opening on a weekly basis from this point onwards. Now let's see if I can live up to that promise every week, since blogging about gaming and more specifically Splinterlands, is not something I do too regularly.

Last week I participated in 8 tournaments, with almost all of them being at gold and diamond level. Below are my finishing positions in each tournament!

eatmyshorts - bronze gold foil 14th.png

Bronze, Gold Foil (14th place) - Prize 4 Steem

goldendome - diamond gold foil 8th place.png

Diamond, Gold Foil (8th place) - Prize 21 Steem

goldendome - gold 63rd place.png

Gold, Regular (63rd place) - Prize 0 Steem

goldendome - gold gold foil 13th place.png

Gold, Gold Foil (13th place) - Prize 13 Steem

goldendome-diamond gold foil 4th place.png

Diamond, Gold Foil (4th place) - Prize 24 Steem

palikari123 - gold 54th place.png

Gold, Regular (54th place) - Prize 0 Steem

palikari123-diamond 9th place.png

Diamond, Regular (9th Place) - Prize 18 Steem

palikari123-gold 6th place.png

Gold, Regular (6th Place) - Prize 18 Steem

It's pretty tough playing in the big leagues, against the best tournament players in splinterlands - especially without those legendary summoners!!! It definitely reduces your chances of winning a tournament outright;) But consistency and perseverance is important and also pays well!

Even though the best place I could manage was 4th place, I was extremely happy to see two @teampossible guild members taking first place in three of these tournaments, and one of them winning twice! Congrats to @faiyazmahmud x2 and @hossainbd for your awesome tournament victories!

Also a big thank you to @cryptkeeper17 for giving me the opportunity to play his high level gold deck!

And finally, here is my best card opening of the week:)

best pack opening of the week-phantom soldier epic gold foil.png

This was a quest I completed with my silver deck and I managed to pull this beauty! A gold epic Phantom Soldier woot!

Good luck to you all for this week, and may your card openings serve you well;)


As always, have a great day and PEACE




Dang! 115 STEEM.. you can secure GUILD on steem-engine for yourself 😂😂😂 what an amzing achievement @palikari123 ... Im a bit jealous 😊 but... Im so proud to be in the same guild with you 👏👏👏 great achievement!
Are you running after your lost 2 weeks😆 luv that Gold Phantim😍... btw I finally maxed out my Daria!

Thanks @cicisaja:) I just try my best to make the money stages and anything after that is a bonus. Those quests can be brutal sometimes, but when you occasionally get a card like the gold soldier it makes it worth it:) Congrats on maxing your Daria. That's a very important card for tournaments!

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What's the use of maxed daria when ypur other monsters still at level 4 😀😀 but Im working on my rewards to max too.
Anyway... you're still earning through tourney and that's cool.

You will be able to rent it out later. It's a very popular card😜

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I hope you have dusty, because the vote is not worth much anymore.

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I have dusty.. but I dunno whether she's still working on my comments 😂😂😉 next time you're free.. gotta teach me how to rent her out... I have golden one to play if needed

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