A gracious gift from mattclarke - Steem Monsters card

in battle •  6 months ago  (edited)

Such a surprise

I went and opened Steem Monsters to buy some more cards as I had a nice video poker win and wanted more, to get stronger and be more of a challenge. To my surprise I found a wonderful gift from @mattclarke, someone that always gives and helps others out. Make sure you check his stuff out since he always does Path of Exile competitions for each new expansion. Also hoping to start getting to the local meetups with #mallsballers that tend to happen on the last Thursday of each month (but will check they still run then) as I haven't been to a meetup since the very first ever one.


He probably felt sorry for me not having any legendaries yet haha! But it is a gift I have put to use right away by testing it in a couple of battles, with some extra fire cards leveled. The first was easy because of facing level 1 cards, but the second was tougher and I lost, but I am happy just knowing that with season rewards around the corner, I will be stronger with my new upgrades and will be using fire more often from now on too!

gift battle.PNG
gift battle2.PNG

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Glad you like him :)
Speaking of the first meetup see anything familiar here?

Hmmmm nope, besides the name dolladu haha.


That was so awesome of @mattclarke to give you a legendary card.

Splinterlands has the most amazing community!

The other day @clove71 gave me some cards and steem to help me boost my deck.

I went and bought more Steem and transferred it to my Steem wallet so I could buy some more cards also.

Thought I should since she helped me out .

I will make sure once I have built my deck up to help out others .

I love playing Splinterlands!

Thanks for sharing,
Have an awesome day !

Yeah it is great when people help you out. More incentive to use what they give and grow stronger with it!

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Matt is the Man!!