Barely making gold 3 again due to the competition - Working on my water daily quest

in battle •  6 months ago 

end of season coming.PNG

It wasn't too clear if I was going to make gold 3 due to being busy with classes going back this week, a heap of losses when I got closer to making it multiple times and just wondering if I could do it this time.

After being up and down this morning I left on a good note of two wins and about 70 more to hit 1900 ranking for gold 3, then went to class to get it out of the way so I could come home to do the grind again. Two wins to add to a 4 win streak after getting home, plus a big jump after the first win being home again and I managed to grab gold 3 thankfully!

I just wanted to work on my new quest for the water splinter so I could get the extra cards for upgrading and didn't expect hitting the 1900 mark so soon. Regardless, I am happy to make it for another season and the competition is getting tougher and tougher! Might need to eventually upgrade my cards some more to better compete and win easier.

end of season coming2.PNG

My hope is to finally get a legendary at some point as I don't have any, it would be nice to pull in my rewards but even epics are nice. Rares help to upgrade them to make me a little tougher as do commons of course, but I can easily buy those more than the epic and legendary cards.

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I have just managed to get into gold III the last few seasons .
Yesterday I managed to make it in again with 2 days to spare.
I hope you get a legendary this season .
Congratulations on getting into Gold III again.
Have an awesome day!

Isn't it great when you get in before end of season? Check out my latest post as I just got given a legendary by someone I know, earlier today. Was a nice surprise.