Finally pull my first legendary card and about time!

in battle •  last year  (edited)
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If you don't find it useful, sell it off or put it for rent so you can upgrade your summoners.

I will keep it in mind after I see how it goes!

That's a great feeling, huh? :D
I managed to get the 'Sacred Unicorn' in my very first rewards,
but have been waiting for another one since.

Guess we can't complain though, haha.


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Thanks, I have a few I saw on steem-engine pop up, happy to see more and a project at work! :)

Oh definitely a great feeling and we shall get another in time. Hopefully I get something worth more. Can put it to use or to sell for more cards. ;)

If you play frequently we'd love to have you in the contestkings guild.
Costs a lot of DEC to join up, but it means you're fighting alongside other serious players; and if you ever want to leave, you can sell your seat on your own terms.

Thanks for the offer mate.
Not enough DEC and I am casual atm while I build up so I am in SesameSeed.
If I become more serious and get much higher, will definitely consider it is there is space then. :)

Also is there a meetup at the end of August? Thursdays I finish at 4 at tafe, so if I remember I can stay in and pop by for a bit.

Yes, on the 29th. It'll be interesting to see what kind of scroll reduction guilds suffer at the end of each season. Hopefully the casual guilds don't get hit too hard.

Awesome, hopefully I remember and can see you there. Still the same place and time?
Hopefully casual guilds will be fine, might start stocking up on some dec though just on case.

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Stacking DEC is always a good idea. Yes, same place and time.
From 6pm at The Jade on Flinders St; all welcome :)

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Very nice legendary gift!