Steem Monsters - Gold III has been reached

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Good for my monster levels

Over the last couple of days I have been sitting in my new rank of Gold III. Though I may not be as high as the platinum players I feel my rank achieve is a job well done and much better than still being in silver. A couple of my quests were completed in Gold III meaning additional rewards cards towards a boosted bunch of cards with higher levels. So considering my monsters tend to be in lower levels of around 3 - 5, most being 3 or 4, I am excited to know I can hopefully boost my chances of growing as each season passes.

SM gold 3.PNG

While I wish to get higher ranks I cannot as the people I now face tend to have much higher amounts of cards with a higher level than mine. Take my highest summoner for example, death splinter Zintar Mortalis is level 4 which means I am able to start having cards at level 5 which are just commons but continuing to increase their levels as the days and weeks go by. Making sure I stick at getting those wins, completing the quests and enjoying the game then it will always be worthwhile.

death summoner.PNG

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