Untamed Legendary Dragon Summoner is now mine!

in #battlelast year

Camila Sungazer

untamed legendary1.PNG

I only got to buy 2 untamed packs before the release, with the usual commons and a rare pulled from those and I was short on steem to get more. So I bought 2 more but from Steem-Engine instead and was just happy with getting more untamed cards to start adding to the small but slowly growing collection.

After a stock standard first pack and using the legendary potion charges with low expectations, I thought "I figured I would get that but I might get lucky to even get an epic in the next one, who knows!"

I started clicking the cards in the second pack and luckily for me on this day, I managed to see the yellow shake and got excited and then huzzah! Camila Sungazer, the Untamed Legendary Dragon Summoner appeared and I was happy to have gotten those untamed packs off Steem-Engine.

This will be a useful card if not as a rental for someone to use, then to hold for the splinters I haven't got decks for and can focus on getting some of those cards and the thankfulness that using all level 1 cards won't be happening (when I have my main splinters unavailable to use in battles).

untamed legendary.PNG

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Nicely pulled. I haven't landed one of those yet; not even sure I've met one in battle yet.
It's all so new and fresh and exciting :)

You pulled many legendaries? I am sure you would've gotten plenty of them in all those packs you no doubt bought. ;)

Definitely new and exciting and I am keen to keep growing my untamed cards along with the others and see what else is to come.

I pulled quite a few back in Alpha when I opened most of my packs. I've pretty much just been buying single cards during Beta and now Untamed.
Because I was fortunate enough to pull an Archmage Arius, I'm leaning toward cards with multiple attacks. Trying to get this guy (The vigilator) up to level 3, to get Poison
In Supersneak and Melee Mayhem he'll attack 4 times from the back row.
Thorns and retaliate can wreck him; but if half the opposing team is poisoned by the time that happens, I can live with it :)

That is an awesome card! I would love to pull one myself!
Good luck on getting him leveled. :)
I tend to buy single cards too, I rent a lot for now though.

Beauty, congrats!

Cheers mate!

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