My Entry For BDCommunity photo Challenge 💜

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Hey guys,
How are you all?
I am always Fine, cool and Alhamdulilah.

After a very very very long time i am participating in any contest.

I am a contest lover (xd)

This is my entry for B&W photo challenge,arranged by @bdcommunity

Here is my entry picture.

This is Our National Mosque.
This is Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.This is the front of Baitul Mukarram. It is the biggest mosque of Bangladesh.Everyday a lot people go in this mosque to do prayer.

I have taken this photo about 2 months ago.
Device- Xiaomi 4A
Location- Gulistan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

It was for now.
If i forgot anything don't hesitate to tell this to me.
Thanks for stopping by @minhaz007

TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ

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Thanks a nice shot!

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