Bitcoin on its Way to $11k - Steem Loosing Value.

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Not long ago, most of the people thought that the Bitcoin is dead and it won't reach its previous all time high. I don't blame those people because we saw Bitcoin drop from almost $20k to $3k. Now, spare a thought for those people who bought at all time high and sold at the recent all time low.
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Just a few months ago, we saw Bitcoin at $3100 and who would have thought that it will hit $10 so soon. Well, we are well over $10k and might be hitting $11k soon. There is a lot of positivity among the people and everyone is talking about Bitcoin. Crypto pundits are saying that Bitcoin is on its way to $40k.
While on one hand, I am very happy that Bitcoin is doing great but on the other hand our good old Steem is loosing its value. It looks like Steem was pegged at $0.4 for a long time and now it is going down. I remember those days when steem was ranked number 25 on coinmarketcap for a very long time but look at steem now, it is ranked 69 now. People say that alt season is coming - fair enough, but I think steem should be valued much higher than what it is today.
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I think we will just have to wait and see what steem does when alt season comes. I just hope that we reach previous all time high because almost all of my cryptocurrency investment is in steem.


Stop delegating to vote bots and curate and up vote content you like and STEEM will rise.

Well, that is one of the ways to get the price up.
FYI, I have not delegating to any bid bot.

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Yeah well you delegated to someone so you have limited your own power and have 96% in your voting power for the day still. You need to start curating.

I have delegated to some good projects.
I will undelegate once I have time to curate posts.

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I don't think that was funny.

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