Splinterlands end of season rewards and made it to Champion II. 💪

in Splinterlands11 months ago

Another season over and somehow I have found myself all the way up in Champion II. How I got there I'm not really sure but delighted with the result.


This is my highest ever finish and after sneaking into Champion III for the past few eseasons in a row it's great to see progress up the ranks. I have started re investing my winnings into my deck and slowly bringing up the level and adding a few useful untamed cards so it's great to see the strategy working.

The benefit of finishing at this level is getting 120 reward chests for all hte hard work that I have put in. Let's take a look and see what that looks like for this season.







Total results are:

  • 41 Cards, 0 Gold 0 Legendary and 2 Epic
  • 449 DEC
  • 18 Legendary Potion
  • 26 Alchemy Potion

Overall I would have to say that it's very disappointing. My highest ever result earned me the worst ever rewards from a season. I've never finished without any gold or legendary rewards. 449 DEC is only a fifth of last seasons total and there were lots of potions which I really don't like.

Unfortunately that's the way life goes sometimes. Big hopes and big fails.

Ah well. At least I had fun doing it.

So another season has ended and it's time to regroup, strengthen my deck and attack it again. Hoping for the same result with better rewards.

Onto the next one.


Congratulations on the Champion II finish. I got 20 points away from Champion III season before last, then beat back into the diamond ranks! This season if finished Diamond II. I finish just about every season in Diamond now, but have yet to make it into the Champion leagues.

I'm always a bit disappointed with my rewards too. I did score 11,000 dec a couple tournaments back. I noticed since I got all the DEC, I don't get as many Alchemy potions :( My strategy was for every 5 alchemy and legendary potions I got, I buy a new booster pack. I have a ton of Legendary potions now, but I don't seem to get as many alchemy potions as I did before I had all the DEC.

I've been winning a lot of Orbs packs too. That's been kind of cool. It's hit or miss with the rewards though. Awesome when you score some great rewards cards! Hopefully I'll see you on the battlefield! Cheers!

Thanks. I was delighted with the finish. As know its not easy to get into champion so congrats on making it as well.

This was my worst rewards opening ever but I can't complain too much as I've had some great ones. All it takes is a legendary or a good gold card to make it worthwhile. I even like all the Dec. Its just the potions I don't like. I've bought plenty packs along the way so trying not to any more. Instead I'm buying specific cards in gold to strengthen my deck which is slow and expensive building but is worth it in the long run.

Hope to see you out there too.