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After four qualifiers and hundreds of participants, the Steem Fest ticket Final tournament is here and 32 players from all over the world are eligible to join and compete to bring the SF4 ticket home.

I want to thank everyone who joined the tournaments and did their best to get a ticket for the final tournament.

In order to even the tables as much as possible, we tried to get in touch with most of the qualified players that have a discord username in order to check with them what schedule was better for them and try to make sure they will be able to join the tourney.

The final tournament will take place at 17:00 GMT, August 18

I already got in touch with a lot of the guys eligible to join the final tournament, but if you haven't received a discord message from me, please send me a direct message @anomadsoul#8455 so I can give you the password for the tournament.

This tournament is on invitation only, so we ask anyone who receives the password to not share it with anyone, we don't want any strangers winning this tournament, do we? :D

To avoid any confusions, here is the list of 32 players who are eligible to join the tournament. IF you believe there is a mistake here, please get in touch with me over discord please:

If a player made top 8 in more than one tournament, then the next in line (top 9) will take the place of the player who made top 8 for a second or third time.


Good luck everyone, see you on Sunday!


:-) Great! The Tournament is on a Good time for my time-zone. I wish all the winners in the qualifiers best of luck and may the best player win :)

See u on Sunday 😎 😎 😎

Hopefully the time zone works for most people! Good luck!

Nice. 👍🏻
See you next Sunday.
May the best of us win and travel to Bangkok. 😉😎

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Can't wait to see who gets it! May the odds be ever in your favor :P haha

Wow great. Thank you & God Luck everyone for the tournament.

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Good luck man! Thanks for joining!

I sent you a DM, I played on a delegated account.. but I understand the confusion as I asked you in DM when the tournament would be.. My own account didn't even get me through round one lol :)

Good luck everyone btw!

Fixed! Thanks for reaching out :)

Get ready to ruuuuuumble ! 🙌🙌🙌

All the best @vlemon, I look forward to seeing you at SF4 :-)

I forgot to play ;( so stupid ...

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Anyway I didn’t know how I made it, I would probably have lost anyway xD

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Awww.....that's disappointing. But anyways if you can make it, will be great.

Good luck everyone!

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