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I recently moved some of my cards around between the two accounts that I play on Steem Monsters. My main account is now solely focused on the Fire, Life, and Death splinters, while my wife's account is focused on Water and Earth.

This has made daily quests a bit difficult when the splinters I am focused on aren't one of my choices. There have been several days in a row that I haven't been able to do any daily quests with my wife's account because neither Water nor Earth were one of my options.

Today was one of those days so I had the whole morning to focus on my main account and trying to get five wins with the Fire splinter. Let me tell you, it was a long frustrating morning. The competition in the Silver tier seems to be fierce right now. There are many days I find myself finishing at a lower rank than I started.

It was all worth it today when I hovered over my cards and saw the yellow outline around that last one. I knew I was getting a Legendary, "but which one?". I was really happy when it turned out to be the Sacred Unicorn. It wasn't enough to help me level my existing card up, but it put me one step closer to a level 4.

All of that being said, I am seriously thinking about transferring my Water deck back over to my main account and delegating those cards out to a service like Heron's to earn some DEC. I know there are players out there that are much better at the strategy than me and they would probably do a better job at maximizing my rewards.

The thing that is holding me back is the chance of winning cards. I am not sure I want to give up the ability to collect new cards at the expense of earning more DEC. I just don't know how all of that works. Do I still get the end of season reward cards? I know @exyle (I just tagged him twice in two days). has been using Heron's and has been very happy with it.

Please give me some input and advice if you are familiar with the service!

Arachnophobia Warning!

If you are afraid of spiders, you might want to skip this next part.

A while ago I was out on my deck and I noticed this spider web on our pergola.


My wife isn't a fan of spiders, so I hesitantly knocked it down. I really didn't want to because to me it was a pretty magnificent work of art. Imagine my surprise when we went out the next day and I saw this:


That busy little spider had recreated the whole web over night. I was pretty impressed. As I was sitting admiring the work, I noticed something on one of the pergola legs:


I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this was the dedicated little fella that put in all the work the night before. @mrsbozz wasn't around so I happily let the spider go about it's business and live to fight another day.

A couple of weeks later I was out trying to power wash our deck and as I was reaching to connect the house to the outdoor spigot, I noticed this:


I initially jumped back in shock because I wasn't really ready for what I just saw. I also have to admit that the spider was probably the size of a Quarter so that was pretty scary too! Sadly, this one was in my way and something had to be done about it. I used a stick to knock it down and then I dispatched of the spider.

I feel kind of bad because we do tend to have a lot of mosquitoes at times, and this guy had probably eaten its fill of them over the Summer. In my opinion though, there is such a thing as a too big spider and this one just had to go.

That's it from me, have a great weekend everyone!


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I feel you pain with the fire DQ @bozz. I have 2 of them and I'm not expecting to be able to complete either.

I got black first which is my least favourite after red but now I wish I'd stuck with that one.

With regard Herons, you don't get the end of season reward in cards. They are turned into DEC same as the other earnings. There have been a few reports of people getting GF legendaries in their Herons account but there is nothing you can do to keep one.

With regard your accounts I wouold split them differently if you're going to keep playing them. Have blue in one and green in the other and, likewise with red and black. Red in one and black in the other. 😁

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, see, I would hate to get a GF Leg and not get it like that. I guess the current aggravation is worth it for the cards. I have made some decent money selling some of my better cards. I know I could always use DEC to buy orbs and packs, but then you don't get the reward cards. I'd still like to know if people that are using Heron's even miss the cards. Since everyone gets the reward cards they are probably worth less than pack or orb cards.

I imagine it's a question of preference. I find it hard to buy cards from the market so I'm better winning them. But for people who are happy buying cards with DEC maybe they prefer the dec so they can get the exact cards they want.

On the whole reward cards are cheaper. You can see that in the market place.

I have a couple of heron's accounts and I purposely don't look at what cards I missed. 😂

What is the max level of your summoners on those accounts? Do you make some decent DEC?

Depends on the players and types of cards. I have only a few of seasons to go on.

One account is Level 3 alphas with some golds. That made 6600 DEC for 1st season, 7K for second season and 10K for last season (although I might have got the figures wrong for the last one or perhaps they got a couple of good cards. A couple of gold epics would give me 3K more DEC 😁).

Another is beta Level 4s with some golds which so far has made between 3.7 and 4.3 per season.

The third is similar with beta level 4 and some golds but has earned substantially more. First season was 3.5K but was waiting for cooldown before starting. Second was 13.5K. Last was 6.3K. I removed one of the splinters for that one but I think it was more to do with the player playing less than in the previous season.

So as you can see it varies a lot!

Ah, okay, thanks. So they just burn all of the reward cards into DEC regardless of what it is?

Not exactly. TC gets all the cards and he does what he likes with them. He doesn't burn the more valuable ones. He keeps them.

Okay, thanks.

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Spiders do so much good in keeping down pests. We tolerate a few in the house. None are dangerous here. I would be very reluctant to kill one.

Hi, @bozz!

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Even with just one account the fire is one I struggle with, and your post reminded me I had completely forgotten about today quest, I must go and do that now
I am terrible with the tactic and don't go up the levels much, maybe I should consider givign up onthe quests and sellignmy cards or checking out delegating them out I didnt know you do that and recieve DEC, but like you I do like gettign the cards after the quest and hoping for a real good one,

I am not normally scared of spiders but one that size would make me step back as well

Have a great weekend

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