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Playing Steem Monters the past couple of weeks has been really difficult. Finding the time to actually login and spend the time doing daily quests has been a luxury that I simply do not have.

On top of that, the times I have been able to play, the competition in the Gold III tier has been so tight that it often takes me over an hour to complete the quests on both my account and my wife's account.

The rewards from completing my five Death splinter quests was pretty weak. The rewards @mrsbozz got from doing her daily Water quests was pretty exciting!

With a total of six cards being pulled, she was able to snag 3 epics! I think that is pretty awesome. I love the Brownie card. He is the perfect 1 mana card to fit into most hands and give all of your cards a boost in speed.

I actually have a fully leveled Brownie on my account that I am leasing out via Peak Monsters. It doesn't make me a ton of money, but it is a little bit of passive income. I think the card has been leased out for close to 4 months straight now with zero down time.


I was pretty excited when the news dropped the other day that the Kickstarter campaign for Splinterlands had rolled out. I immediately jumped over to the site and logged in to see what commitment levels and rewards were going to look like.

This is the point where I feel bad that I have to say this, but being honest I was pretty disappointed to see the majority of the rewards. When I took part in the original Kickstarter, they had some really great rewards at the lower(and higher) funding levels that for me made it a no-brainer to pledge support.

I'd probably be lying if I said I didn't laugh out loud when I saw that they are giving away stickers. I am sure there are some people that will love stickers, but I kind of grew out of those when I hit high school. The Peaceful Giant shirt is kind of a cool idea, but most of the other rewards were just "meh".

I get they can't hit it out of the park every time, but I was really hoping for some special cards like last time, and maybe some more card packs for your money.

That being said, I still donated to the cause. I really like Splinterlands and I felt it was only right to give a little something for the hours of enjoyment it has given me. I doubt I will contribute any more to the Kickstarter, they have already destroyed their initial goal at this point. If I spend any more money in the near future, it will just be on individual card packs.


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I looked at the Kickstarter and wasn’t that impressed myself to be honest


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