Bozzlife: Splinterlands Dailies Satisfy Again

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I really don't know what it is about the daily quests that seem to favor me much more than the end of season rewards. I wrote a post about a week ago covering how my end of season rewards were pretty abysmal this past go-round.

In fact I can't think of the last time I actually got some decent rewards from the end of the season. Daily quests always jump out of nowhere and surprise me though. No potions, no boosts and I was able to pull in an Epic and a Legendary from completing @mrsbozz's daily quest.

I already have a Brownie that is fully leveled as well as another one that I have rented out on a long term deal. It has been bringing me in a steady stream of STEEM over the past several months.

The addition of this Sacred Unicorn has me two cards away from having this tank and healer at maximum level. There are times I really really like this card and other times that he totally lets me down. Against fast magic cards or strong ranged cards it can fall pretty quickly since it has no armor.

Paired with the other life healer this card can stay around forever sometimes. It really just depends on the opponent and the rules of the match. It is only occasionally that I use it, so if I could get it to max level I would probably try to rent it out.


It took me a while, but in the past month or so, I have been playing around more with Peak Monsters. It is actually a pretty cool site, but I found it really hard to navigate around at first. Now that I have the hang of it, things are coming much more natural to me.

As I mentioned above, I have been playing around with renting out a couple of cards. The returns aren't huge, but it is still passive income, so in the end, I can't really complain. I realized the other day that I have a metric crap ton of mid level Alpha cards that are just sitting in my deck and never getting played.

I decided to throw all of them on the market to see if I could get any bites. After a full weekend of them sitting out there I checked this morning and only one of them had been rented out. After seeing that, I went in and I adjusted the price of all the cards down a little bit to see if I can get any more bites.

The returns don't seem like a lot as you are typing in the prices, but if you multiply that by the close to 30 cards I have sitting out there you can see how the STEEM can start to add up. I have a feeling I might need to adjust my prices even lower, but I will give it a couple of days before I do that.

Just one final Splinterlands topic before I go... I have been sitting on about 26 beta packs that I purchased before they were sold out. I am trying to decide if I should hold onto them to see how much they go up in price or should I open them to see if I can get some cards to do some upgrades?

What are your thoughts Steemians and Steem Monsters fans?


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I probably should have looked out renting out cards when I gave up on the quests but inthe end I sold off most of my cards

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