Splinterlands: Some of my faves from the expansion

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It has been less than a week now that the new cards have become available from the Untamed expansion to Splinterlands.

I will admit, I haven't had a ton of time to dig into every card that has been released, but I have noticed a couple of cards that I think are going to become pretty important in a lot of people's decks. In fact, I have started using some of my DEC, STEEM, and SBD to upgrade those cards and get them to a bit higher level.

They all have the same affix to them but their stats vary widely from card to card. I am going to do some screenshots and highlight the five cards that I am most excited about in just a second.

I will admit, it has taken me a little bit to get used to the art that is on the new cards. I am not complaining, I actually think it is fantastic, but it is very different from the art on the Alpha and Beta cards so it may have to grow on you a little.

One of the biggest issues I am noticing with the new cards is that they just take up so much space on my screen when I am trying to select my hand. I understand you can narrow your list down to cards of a specific mana, but I often don't have time to do that when I am selecting my hand. Especially when I am trying to get the dailies done on both my account and my wife's at the same time.

I don't know as though there is a way to fix this, it is just something that I have been struggling through. I have shifted my cards around so that @mrsbozz's account specializes in the Water and Earth splinters, while my main account specializes in Fire, Life, and Death.


If you are already familiar with these cards, you will know the reason I selected them is because they all have the "Opportunity" buff. This power allows them to attack from any position in any rule-set (besides "monsters lose all abilities") and when they attack they will target the monster with the lowest health.

In my opinion this could be a huge advantage to pick off the the enemy units one by one before they even get a chance to attack. I have noticed that even at level four, these cards still don't have a ton of life. That could make them susceptible to being picked off themselves. Paired with the right cards though, I think they can be pretty powerful.

If I were you, I would definitely keep an eye out for Serpentine Spy, Feasting Seaweed, Cave Slug, Maggots, and Parasitic Growth. They could be the cards that leave you wondering where the rest of your hand went!

What about you readers? Do you have any favorites from the expansion pack?

all images were taken from inside my Splinterlands account

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Even though I dont play anymore perhaps if anything whatI miss is when they brought out new cards and hopping to get some of them

Have a great day

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The new Opportunity & Scavenger combos are amazing!

I love very much the untamed expansion