SPUD Day and Steem Monsters Rewards

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I powered up 100 STEEM today as part of #SPUD (STEEM Power Up Day). I wanted to make it a nice round number so I had to move some STEEM from one of my other accounts and claim some of my revenue for renting cards from PeakMonsters.

Pretty much every reward I get from my posts are put back into my account in some way or another. As far as I can remember over the past two years I have never transferred any STEEM into anything other than additional projects on the STEEM blockchain. @SteemMonsters and @SteemBasicIncome being the two biggest ones besides my own personal power ups.


As you have probably seen from a lot of other peoples posts, yesterday was the last day of the most recent season on #SteemMonsters.


With the lone exception of that GF Creeping Ooze and the Manticore, I am not that impressed with the season rewards for this round. That has proven to be the case time and again though.


As you can see, @mrsbozz didn't fare much better with her end of season rewards. We pretty much never use the Dragon splinter and that Sea Monster is just another GF common which isn't really worth that much.

We have both been squarely sitting right around Gold II at the end of most seasons. I can't remember the last time I made it to the Diamond League. I don't know if it has to do with my cards or my skill level. Just when I feel I am getting pretty good at the strategy of this game I end up on the wrong side of a 10 round losing streak.

On the flip side, daily quest rewards have continued to be pretty fantastic for the both of us:




You can see we have both gotten some nice Epics, GF's, and the one Legendary over the past couple of days. All of that is with zero potions enabled as well. I'd like to eventually pick up an Alchemy potion, but I am hesitant because my potion results in the past have been lame.

I have about 15 of the new packs that I am looking forward to open when they are available. I am also sitting on 16 Beta packs that I am still trying to decide if I want to hold onto them or open them. Orb packs are getting down to the 100k level and I have a feeling there might be run on those at some point. I'd like to snag some more before they are all gone.

Are you planning on picking up orb packs? Have you already snagged your new expansion packs? Did you participate in the KickStarter? Do you have Beta packs you are holding for a profit?

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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Thanks for the reminder I must do a Power Up tomorrow :)


No problem. Thank you!

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Cheers :)

Keep up the great work! 💪 @tipu curate

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I plan to power up a little more tomorrow. Steem is still cheap.

I've not played the game much lately, so I may not have any reward cards. There just isn't time for it now.

If you finished the season before a little higher you should have at least gotten some Silver or Bronze level cards this past season. I hear you about there not being enough time!

I've hardly played the last couple of seasons, so I don't expect much. I leased out some cards for free, so I lack some of my best ones.

My rewards were terrible too! One gold card, zero legendarys that's from 3 accounts worth of booty.

One legendary for me.


Thanks for participating in #SPUD007

No problem! I love powering up!

Me too

That is awesome you powered up and also got some great cards!!! Wow! Love this! I got in on the $205 Fundition- I paid with Steem! I will be giving this a Steem Monsters upvote later today!

Thanks, I had to go a little lower with my donation. I power up pretty much all of my STEEM so I never have that much sitting around liquid. That is awesome that you were able to though.

deranged You just received DERANGED @bozz Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com

Thank you for supporting and participating in #spud , helping the #spud7 movement. Cheers!