To DEC or Not to DEC? ...That is the Question.

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Well, lemme clear that quandary up for you right this minute. "To" DEC! One of the latest moves for Splinterlands, implemented by talented duo @aggroed and @yabapmatt, is the introduction of the game's very own in-game currency. But what can you do with them? Buy all new skins for the cards you own, purchase potions affecting specific card "reveals" either when you get rewarded or buy packs, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. And as if that wasn't enough, the DEC token is now listed on their other brainchild that is Steem-Engine. However, this is also where things start to get very interesting from an investment standpoint...


First off, a little side note. Whether we like it or not, HF21 is a reality and that may well mean payouts for our posts on Steemit are likely to go down some. The upside though, is that general development is going crazy for the STEEM blockchain so we actually have numerous other methods of earning. And seeing as how most of these projects are only just getting off the ground, jumping in early on potentially golden opportunities seems like a pretty decent strategy, to say the least. One of which I believe to be the DEC token of Splinterlands.

Let's take a look at a few facts, shall we? First off, the game itself. It's fantastic. In that, I mean it's got the classic hallmarks of gaining extreme popularity on a global scale. It's intrinsically addictive, the games are concise and lots of fun to play, it's got a team who are both steadfastly committed and driven to make their project succeed and, perhaps best of all, you are actually able to earn money through various ways on the Splinterlands platform. And that's just for starters. There is just so much content the developers have already squashed into the game and still so much more to come.

Then there's the stats of the game. I watched the online presentation given by @aggroed at the Dreamhack conference down in Sweden and was floored by some of the info he mentioned. Not only about the thriving internal market where thousands of dollars and cards change hands on a daily basis, but also the recent surge in marketcap by almost 50%, attributed in no small part to the "languages" feature added to the game. Chinese and Korean to be more precise. I've been to China and know firsthand how much that nation loves strategy-based games in general. Something like this could easily be lightning-in-a-bottle when word spreads in the Asian continent. The current marketcap sits at somewhere around $1.8m, if not more by now. Absolutely staggering, given how long the game has been out in relation to the amount of work undertaken.

And then there's the "scarcity" factor of the DEC tokens themselves. One million new DEC are generated daily, however every month this number decreases by 1%. So in theory, they should become harder and harder to earn, thus pressuring DEC to go up in value. Add in more players who want to use those tokens and you've got even more of a deficit on your hands. If demand outstrips supply, which I can clearly see happening, DEC may actually turn out to be pretty valuable indeed. So from my perspective, it makes sense to HODL a few tokens and see how things go. And at present, not only is the current value of DEC steadily climbing but I find I am earning less tokens per game than before. This situation will only continue to proliferate as time progresses.


So yeah, I'm investing in DEC and so far, have managed to accumulate just over 350,000 in total, putting me in the top 10 DEC accounts. And I only plan on adding to this figure moving forward. Big up to the Splinterlands crew in producing such a phenomenal game for our STEEM blockchain. I literally cannot wait to see what new features are about to be released, but judging from past track records by @aggroed and @yabapmatt, it should prove to be nothing short of spectacular!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Well congrats on the DEC .... I'm spending it right now and try to level up cards .... maybe I will leave around 10k just in case :)

Thanks, man. But don't level up too much. You already kick my ass with what you have already!!! :))

Lol ...I have only Selenia maxed ....the rules of that one were in my favor ... need to max the other summoners so i can go for the daily quests as well in the higher rankings ...

That is a pretty hefty amount of DEC you’re holding, will you be using any of it or will you just be holding? I love the new DEC it’s made the game a lot more fun and once I have all the new orb cards I’ll start to hold more DEC! It’s also making the selling of cards easier if you don’t want to wait for a sale!

This game is really growing in leaps and bounds and I’m pretty sure once the mobile app launches this thing is going to reach a whole new level

I think if they can bring SPT into it too it’s going to be even mor epic

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The upcoming "mobile" element is one of the most exciting features on the horizon. Again, I can simply see this game going from strength to strength. So yes, I will be holding on to my DEC for the time being and accumulating whenever I get the opportunity.

Good luck with using the ORB's to get some great cards for your collection. :)

👹 Awesome post @ezzy ! Im so addicted to Splinterlands ! there has been so much going on the blockchain lately with the , Palnet , DEC Tokens and now SPT Tokens , its been quite overwhelming yet a very welcome surprise thats all new to me as of yesterday , lol! 😂
👹 I must say though, that as soon as I save up enough DEC Or buy some DEC on Steem-Engine I use then right away to buy ORBS or potions for more reward cards on the daily quests, Lol, I have yet to save any, I buy to use!
🙋👹 See you on the Battlefield my friend! upped and resteemed!

Glad you enjoy the game as much as I do. Lots of fun! And also congrats on some of the cards you've managed to acquired. Luck favours the few and you seem to be one of them. :)

I had to kiss a lot of frogs to finally get a Prince, lol! 😂😂😂 nothing comes easy and I generally lose in the first round everytime im in a tournament, but occasionally I get lucky like everyone else, but it takes a long time and buying a lot of ORBS etc just to get one good one hopefully, but is also a lot of fun along the way!! 😎🙋👹

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