The Fire untamed cards! Which are useful for me?

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Well I have opened lots of Untamed Packs, so now it is time to see which untamed water cards are useful for me and worth investing and which aren't!

I am planning to do a complete series of this, each day that I do write a steemmonsters post, I will discuss the untamed cards of another element. But because I do consider Fire one of my strongest element in general and I do love to play with it, I will start with Fire.

Common untamed cards!

There are 4 untamed common cards. 3 with Melee attack and one with arrow attack!

Kobold Bruiser


The Kobold Bruiser is a low cost mana card. With only 3 mana it will be selected in some battles. It does start with 2 melee attack, 2 speed and 3 life.
It really starts to get interesting when it reaches level 6, when Knock Out is added. Knock out is usefull when the card it will attack is stuned. In these situations it will double it's Melee power.
But due to the fact that it can only attack when Melee monster can attack from all positions or when it is first in line. I don't consider it very useful. The general opinion agrees with me, because it sells on the market for only $0.05.

Serpentine Sky


Next up is Serpentine Sky. Another Melee monster. Just like Bruiser it only costs 3 Mana to use in a battle but despite only starting with a life of only 1, I do consider it useful. This thanks to it's Opportunity ability. Meaning that it can attack from any position and will attack the monster with the lowest health. When placed strategically it can win you a battle by taking out a monster.
From level 6 on, it has a health of 3 which makes it more useful. Yes, I will try to upgrade it, but it isn't my top priority!

Magma Troll

The third Melee common untamed monster. This one is a little bit more expensive with a cost of 4 Mana. The problem for me is that it start with only 1 melee attack but is has reach. The problem is that if the tank of the opponent has torns, it will be dead after two attacks in the lower levels. Even worse it could be death without doing any damage.
From level 6 on, it also has the affliction ability. Still this card has no priority for me!

The market however does see more possibilities for this card, it sell for $0.1.

Golbing Fireballer

The only common ranged attack fire monster in the untamed series. It start with only 1 ranged attack and at it's max it will be increased to a poor 2. It also has a low speed and low health, which makes it hard to use in the lower levels.
From level 5 on it gets the snare ability. Which makes it possible to remove the flying ability of an enemy mosters, which results in a cannot miss attack.
At level 10, which probably most of us will never reach, the stun ability is also added. Also this card will get a lower priority for me. I will be happy if I can get it up to level 5 because the snare ability can be very useful when earthquakes are possible.
But with only 2 mana it could be used in more types of battle.

Rare Fire Untamed cards

Just like the commons one, there are also 4 rare fire cards in the untamed series.
1 Summoner and 3 monsters.
Like it should be the rare cards are more interesting then the common one, but they do have a higher mana cost!


While Malric gives you one extra melee attack, Pyre does add 1 speed to all cards. So better not to use it when the slow cards are first in line.
To good thing is that at the moment, the summoner cards of the untamed series are relatively cheap compared to the Beta counterparts. This will make it easier to level up. But due to the fact that my beta summoners are all at level 6 and most of them half way to level 7. It will not get any priority for my main deck. Maybe it will level it up, to lease out to my secondary account.

Fire Elemental


A Mana of 5, would make people think twice to use it or not. But I do like the range attack monsters for sure when the opponent plays the Lord as tanker.
The starting level is not so bad with 2 range, 4 speed and a health of 2 and the interesting blast ability.
From level 5 Affliction is added to the ability and when maxed out it even gets Redemption. Meaning that when it goes down, it will damage all enemy monsters with 2. But let's be honest not a lot of us will get it to level 8.
Level 4 is interesting because it will see the range increase to 3 but it will also decrease the health back to 2. So when played it has to be protected very well!

This one sells for $0.32 on the market.

Living Lava

Hot, hotter, hots! It can get any warmer than Lava!
But it is an expensive one to play but will be used in the battles with 99 mana. It starts with shield and 3 melee, but is on the slower side with only 1 speed. And this speed will never increase.
From level 5 it gets the rust ability, which decrease the amour of the enemy monsters.
It is cheaper on the market than the Fire Elemental, so lot's of people don't know very well what to do with this card!

Spark Pixies

I do find it hard to judge if this is a useful card for me or not. It start with a range attack of 2, which is nice. But regardless of the Flying ability, the health of 1 at the start makes it hard to use.
At level 5, Stun is added and the health is increased to 3, which makes it more usable. But for the moment not a priority for my collection to get it to that level. It will stay a while on level 2.


Only 2 Epic Untamed Fire cards. But are Ranged attack cards.

Ferexia General

When both the Fire Demon and this one are at the same level it is a strategical choice which one to use. The Fire demon has the blast, while the general has the snipe. Both have the same health at the higher levels, only the general will make the melee attack stronger from level 4 on.
When there is enough mana both can be played together, which would damage the tank and second one in line.
I do find this an interesting card and will try to find a right set-up to use it in.


This one us interesting because it starts with the sneak ability and has reasonable speed at the lower levels also. The health can be compared with the general and the Fire Demon. But is has a more expensive mana with 6. At level 5 this is an extremely interesting card when sneak and blast are combined!
But it will take my some time before I will have it at that level.

Legendary Magnor

This one is a great addition to the fire deck. It will attract as much as possible attacks as possible, giving your other monsters a rest! But with a 10 mana cost, it will be hard to use them in lower mana battles. But 4 melee, 3 speed and 13 health is a great start. At level 2 even enrange is added, so it will attack with 6 melee after it has been hit for the first time.
Level 3 adds trample. Level 4 even Return Fire. But that would mean that the summoner should be able to cope with a Legendary of level 4, which isn't the case in my collection.
I have used it in some battles with mixed success. But for the moment 106 steem is needed to get it to level 2, which could be used much better on other cards!

So, what is your opinion about the Untamed Fire monsters?




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