End of season Steemmonster update!

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The current season is almost over and to be honest in the past season there was little interest from my side to play outside the daily quest! With under 2 days left in the season I finally broke open the door to Diamond League III. I have no hope or drive to keep on battling and end the season in Diamond II.


It looks like the interest into playing steemmonsters is decreasing. And by the looks of the market not only from my side.
The rewards for the daily quests were below par until 3 days ago when I was awarded with a golden foil Spirit Shaman.
I was capable of selling this one for a whopping $11. Which makes the season a success!

Over value

The overal value of my collection is dropping hard since the beginning of this year! It dropped with around 17%. Pobably the market is saturated with untamed cards, because these cards are mostly decreasing in value!
Yes, I did sell some cards buy maybe for $20 to $30. But I also did buy around 10 untamed packs.


The value of my second account is steady, this account doesn't have a single untamed card.
This means that the market really needs fresh blood otherwise the end is near!

I mostly keep on playing for the DEC I earn when trying to complete my daily quest. These are sold on a daily basis on the market! This does earn me around 2 to 3 steem per day! Which is then used to powerup my account!

Due to the fact that the value of my collection is decreasing the stake of steemmonsters in my steem wallet is also decreasing. At the moment it is still above 63%. Last month my collection was worth 13820 steem, at the moment this has dropped to 12785, which is still pretty impressive!



Well what goes up must comes down. The price of the cards has been going up and up since May 2019. That is a sort of bull run.

Eventually there will be periods when prices are down.... and eventually they will come up again. The most abounded cards will be hit the most -> New Rewards card, Untamed, then Beta, then Alpha.

I have some Alpha cards and interesting their value has increased in the last week or two :/

It indeed was a bull run and for sure when the Beta packs were sold out!
The next cards that will increase in value are according to me the rewards cards, which are fully printed. I doubt it that the untamed cards will be able to keep a decent value.If no new blood arrives they are just too many cards for the current number of players!

Yes, Untamed required new blood :)

I also think a decline was expected as is probably still healthy. However, I still see a lot of growth at the lower levels and the amountbof players and games played increase. In fact, I am feeling the impact as the amount of DEC I gain from wins has decreased substantially this Season. While it also has to do with bots, it is showing growth which leads to demand for cards over time as some cards will only become more scarce. It’s a tough spot to be in as a player but with developments like the recent ability to move assets to Ethereum, I am encouraged by the possibilities.

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For sure Steemmonster has a look at the future. They do want to break out of the steem ocean, which can only be encouraged!


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Well done!

I noticed all editions drop in price a bit, actually. That is just a current situation, I guess. If a game is played, if the player base increases, old cards will get more expensive in time.

Let's hope they will be able to attract lots of new players!
10% of the Candy Crush success will be enough :)

I'm not a gamer, (at least not anymore), but it looks like you are dong very well with it monthly!

I am not complaining! Thanks for the comment.


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I think everything ebbs and flows. It'll "right size" and then begin to grow again.

It's a constant battle on Steem to get new people to create accounts and actually engage. When that happens growth will happen again. If there is one thing people enjoy doing, it is playing games.

Indeed, Steemmonster if their mobile app will be a success can attract for sure new users!
Then it is up to us, to make them feel at home!


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I'm not sure if I'm grateful for not starting on this whole Steemmonsters !
Don't think I will be able to stop once I stop.
There's just too many to join

We all have to make choices :)


Congratulations on Diamond III, I made it to Diamond II last night. Now I can't complete today's quest 🤣🤣🤣


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@fullcoverbetting, I just start playing SteemMonsters and I did manage to make it to Silver I (barely) but it's almost impossible to win now because I only have a small collection of low level cards. Every time I see that Goblin Mech come up against me I know I'm toast. I purchased a few packs of the Untamed just to get started but I don't want to be buying more cards yet. This season end will be my first rewards cards and I'm looking forward to seeing what I get. Do you mess with the potions - does it really help you get better cards?

Personally I do stay away from the potions. I know that a lot of people do use them. But I do prefer to sell my DEC for steem, to power up my steem account or to invest in other things on the steem blockchain!



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Well, I hope that you guys get a flood of new entrants my friend.

I don't understand much with it, but it seems to be an interesting game))

It has a fast learning curve but could be a investment trap.
They are now building a mobile app, which could increase the number of players. If they can pull this off it will be interesting to see how things will evolve with the value of the collection!

Thanks for commenting.

Congrats on making Diamond... I just cracked in around the same time as you! Perhaps a day later... it's a nice feeling to make it across the tier boundary.

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I dont know anything about this game. I may try it one day. Hope the price and your holdings pay off for you.