Someone in this world is a victim, and someone is a hunter.

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Our cat constantly on someone hunts. She has already caught a beetle somewhere and is trying to play with him. Sometimes she brings lizards and small birds to the yard. I always try to save insects and animals from cat's clawed feet. But usually it is already late and the victim dies.
Наша кошка постоянно на кого-то охотится. Вот она уже словила где-то жука и пытается с ним поиграть. Иногда она приносит во двор ящериц и мелких птиц. Я всегда стараюсь спасти насекомых и животных из кошкиных когтистых лап. Но обычно это бывает уже поздно и жертва погибает.

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Good luck!

Thank you for Your attention!
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Hello there cute Knopka! :D It's good to get updated again on your daily adventures. Enjoy the warm weather ad the hunting. :)

We will try more often to take photos and write short stories. Hiroko also does not get bored)).

We live with our very own bug hunter, too!

I know about your hunter))). They are so cute!

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