Splinterlands Sunday!: Untamed Changing Season

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Only hours after the end of the first Season after the release of Untamed, nightmares of its ups and down taunt me about the successes and failures of the Season. I believe this has been the most difficult Season for achieving ranked positions and points since the introduction of double rulesets in the game. However, I was initially very encouraged given the release of the Untamed Edition cards as it broadened the flexibility of our Collections with the opportunity to deploy new and unique strategies during battle. However, I quickly learned that it was both an opportunity and threat given how many good players have continued to join the community.

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As I shared last week, I quickly leveraged my participation in the Untamed Kickstarter to get my Collection up to speed with maximizing Summoners, Epics, and Legendary cards after only a couple of cards of their release. I quickly started to use them in battles with mixed results. I found that the original Alpha and Beta cards continued to be prevalent and strong. I imagined this as not everyone started to use them very quickly nor had the cards to put them on par with the high Division. However, after a day or two I realized that the optimal idea was to combine old and new to get good results. I was very surprised to catch a long winning streak a couple of days into the Season to realize I was high on the leaderboard at 5th place!

It is the highest position I have ever held on the leaderboard so I had to screenshot for memories as I know I don’t belong there nor was it going to stick. I quickly learned this as it took a long time this Season to even get into Champions Division as the battles seemingly look more balanced than ever considering the new cards and the expansion in Mana in battles. Not only did Untamed Edition cards expand the availability of cards but also the Reward Edition cards continue to release new cards. This encouraged me to ensure I complete my Daily Quests every day as usual but with more excitement.

I also got the opportunity to try some new Daily Quests this Season and had good success overall. The one associated with Neutrals and Tournaments were exciting and pretty easy to achieve although sometimes the availability of tournaments was a challenge. However, what was most surprising for me was the fact that what I thought to be an easy Daily Quest turned to be the beginning of my slide this Season. I got the Dragon Splinter quest and was confident that I could get it done quickly in addition to continuing my rise in Divisions. However, it became my worst Quest of the Season as I lost many battles and even dropped below Top 100 on the leaderboards.

During that slide is when I realized that prior cards continued to be strong and the foundation of the game. In fact, I rarely used the new Summoners which was interesting for me. It also got me doubting I would be able to get very high in Divisions this Season as I was still far from Champions for the majority of the Season. From that point on, I started my grind into higher Divisions as the opportunity to accumulate more Reward Edition cards at Season end outweighed the ones from the Daily Quests. This was a great decision as the late announcement of new Reward Edition cards starting their release at the end of the Season was a great way to start accumulating them.

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I honestly thought that the grind to the top Division this Season was lost as I woke up hours before the end of Season. I even stopped to take a break as I was quickly frustrated by a losing streak and a tough Quest to complete hours before it was over. As soon as I got back home with under three hours left in the Season, I started to play and quickly got a win streak which was enough to creep into Champions Division I! Unfortunately, not only was it the only game I stayed there but I could not get back while completing my Daily Quest which meant less Reward Cards and dropping below Top 50 despite being there at that time.

While it was a tough Season as expected, the path towards climbing the leaderboards will only continue to get more challenging as new players engage with new cards and strategies become more variable. However, it continue to be engaging and fun (with a little frustration in the middle) as we learn the game. I also think that the changes and evolutions are given Guilds a more important status in the community as they will help members adjust and share the experience of learnings and strategies for others. I have yet been able to get that involved but I do see more of it within the Guild I am proud to be a part of. Only more reason to be more encouraged about the future of Splinterlands!

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Congrats man I can only hope to get there one day!

What did your season rewards look like?

Not bad, I think I got at least one of each of the new Reward cards except the Kraken! Starting to accumulate new cards and how to use them is fun!

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4000 reputation... oh my days... I am a tiny fly compared to experts like you haha.

By the way, Partiko isn't really updating new accounts... especially those that created from Splinterlands.io thought you may like to know about it (if you haven't noticed)

I am just up here because I started in Alpha and invested in the Collection! Great players have an opportunity to catch up faster now with Untamed I think.

The Partiko app was so awesome; so sad to see whete it is... I still use it because I am mobile so much.

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Yes and the saddest thing now I need to rely on esteem desktop for notifications.

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