Splinterlands Sunday: Wild and Untamed!

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It is definitely a great time to be a part of the Splinterland’s community again as the release of the newest addition of cards called Untamed has been fun fun to watch unfold. I was anxiously waiting for the day to come as my Kickstarter pledge gave me plenty of resources to kick off the beginning of this next phase in the game. Not only did I have 2,700 booster packs at my disposal but given the stretch goals that were reach as part of the campaign, I also had 7,500 charges of the most popular potions to use when opening them. It surely gave me plenty of time to spend with my daughter opening packs!

Untamed Redemption.png

Since we had so many to open and we really wanted to start playing the game with the new cards to give them a try, we decided to open the packs in intervals of 200 each time. It was amazing to see how many great cards we were getting thanks to the charges of Legendary and Alchemy Potions that we had available. It seemed that almost every line we were getting a legendary card which was exciting as one of my concerns has been what happens if I don’t get the ability to maximize any of the legendaries. However, we were very happy to see that in the opening we got two Legendary Gold Foil cards! We also got a bunch of epic Gold Foil cards as well which have been known to also have great value. These Gold Foils are great as it provides me the ability to also have more flexibility in my second account in which I am sending them to.

GF Epics Untamed.png

As we got halfway through the available packs, we started to evaluate how close we were getting to have strong cards with the packs already opened. My focus as a player from the start was to ensure that I was able to maximize at least all of the Summoners and Legendaries with the packs. Being halfway through, we were close for most but not all. Therefore, we decided to continue to open packs but we had to make a decision; our potion charges were already depleted. I had over 175,000 DEC available to use for potions but given the proportion of Legendaries we had already received, I thought it would be best to open the packs without the charges. In my mind, this would make the potential to get some of the Epic and Rare cards more frequently which I was noting for the Summoners I still needed to achieve.

Untamed Summmoners.png

Halfway through the next couple of hundred packs we started to take notes as to the cards we still wanted to see in the packs. We had seen that we had the majority of what we wanted so I started to think of holding on to some packs just in case I can do something with them in the future. I still regret not holding on to any Alpha packs while I had the chance so that crossed my mind. I was able to hold on to some Beta packs that have come up in price so I thought it would be good to do the same for these despite them being new and in high supply.

Untamed Legendaries.png

Leaving 400 packs on opened, we were happy to see that we only needed a handful of Legendary cards, about 20 Epic cards, and a couple of dozen of Summoners in order to have max level cards at the end. I also had a number of extra Legendaries in the Collection so I really didn’t think it was worth opening more. However, it got me thinking of what to do with the ones that I still needed. I learned in these last couple months where and when I became more active in the market that it is easier to just buy them in the market then continuing to open packs. Therefore, I was happy that I did not spend that DEC on potions as I used virtually all of my DEC to complete my Collection of Untamed Summoners, Epics, and Legendaries. I did fall short of completing one level of one Epic card but I became active on Discord to find a way to trade what I needed in exchange for two of my extra Legendaries.

Completing Untamed.png

I am still missing a number of Common and Rare cards for the Collection but given the amount needed to reach those maximum levels, I am waiting out to determine which cards I should prioritize given their abilities and power in tournaments and ranked battles. I have never gotten a full collection of maximum Commons before but it may happen this time given how close I already am. Most of the cards were in this edition have some interesting abilities but are mostly added at their maximum level which makes the effort more resource intense (to not say expensive).

I have not been hesitant to use the Untamed cards in battle as they catch many players off guard given how new they are. They have also some traits that allow them to link abilities from prior editions such as sneak and snipe. I am surprised that I have not seen too many players using them yet which I hope gives an advantage of some experience although some teams that a from prior versions completely are still viable and powerful. This is surely making this Season one of the most interesting ones since starting the game as the options of strategies are so broad now! I have my fingers crossed to at least get into the Champion’s highest Division!

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Except for most legendaries, I'm still far off when it comes to maxing them. I did find a good use for some cards in my main deck, though - even though they are not maxed yet.
I'm about to buy another batch of packs, and the question whether to use potions or not has crossed my mind. I'm not sure what to do yet.

I still need a couple of rares and most commons but holding off to see if they will be worth it. So far, I have had mixed results from using the new cards in batte.

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Wow! Are you now spending ALL your steem on splinterlands cards?!?

This was all from fiat but it the game has definitely delayed my progress towards more SP. However, given the performance of both, I guess the investment has worked better. Mt thought is to now start seeing how I can use my Collection to accumulate Steem over the next couple of months. For example, my extra cards are generating about 2-3 Steem per day in rentals! Exciting alternative!

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That's pretty good going!

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Looks like a solid result from the packets. It's often easier to buy the last few pieces rather than searching for them in new packs. I'll probably pick up a few of the new set with DEC going forward but am impressed with your collection from the reveals.

Saying goodbye to that amount of DEC was nerve-wracking but then I think that it was all earned from playing! Amazing how they have developed these capabilities which keeps me encouraged about the whole ecosystem.

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