Does the Steem-chain still accommodates/encourage Content Creation(blogs)?

in #busylast year (edited)

I struggle to write and publish on the Steem chain these days, have been publishing since 2017 when it earned me some fair share of Steem and SBD and during the reward drought. The reason for the struggle now is simple, not many people are publishing like it use to be and that's a big turn off and discouragement because I won't want my efforts to go to waste.

One of the reasons solely responsible for this is the lack of reward, and that's relative to the long Bear market that crashed Steem price. If a Steem costs above a dollar, your guess is as good as mine, this platform won't be dry of interesting contents. I mean, as a conspiracy theorist, I love the active #informationwar and #deepdives on the trending page, anyone paying close attention could notice the thin line between reality and what the mainstream media kept reporting on various outlets. Sadly, I found myself and a few authors under those trends and that means a lot of fantastic authors have grown weary of publishing on this chain.

The few lefts, maybe like myself are obviously not driven by rewards, because I won't consider $0.14 on my publications as a reward and some others $0. So if you ain't a gamer or a card game enthusiast, this is seems the end of the line. Content creation is key, but if the system won't foster and encourage publishers to continuously do what they like doing, then it's the end of the road happy writers.

Of a fact, Steemit was a revolution, the first content rewarding Dapp in the Crypto space and it will be devastating if someone takes over and use it for something else, if truly Justin Tron's interest is solid, then I fear for publishing, I mourn for incentivising content creation which brought us all here in fellowship. I hope Tron and Justin taking over won't be the end of Steem!