Buy me a beer

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This is my "Buy me a beer" page

If you think a post of mine wasn't fairly rewarded, you can send a beer my way. You can do this:






Thank you for your generosity!


Hi there i like your idea you are very inovative. Out of curiuosty is there any beer you got there. BTW i wilsh you good luck.

@gamer00 I won't buy you a beer
I'd buy you coffee if you are in Arnhem
but just so you know I checked your profile for you to see how low your voting power is since you have been tailing my comments. It's on 25% now so I suggest you stop voting for a week and recharge it to at least 80%. I hope you don't mind I checked it - I was worried you'll drain it. I appreciate your help but we all need your VI specially you need your VI

your other account has a lower one - 4.04% I suggest you don't drain it
here click this you'd better stop using that other account to vote. Let them both recharge for at least 7 days. You're hitting rock bottom.

@johnthehoan, you, too here's you profile please stop voting. Your voting power is down to 1%. You drain it to 0% am not sure you'd be able to recharge it so please stop voting for at least a week. I hope you see my replies to you on time guys.

I really appreciate it that you are all tailing my comments but its doing you damage. You all need to recharge really.

I'm confused. Does it eat my SP if I vote too much? Or is it just that my votes don't count as much?

I vote much less on @gamer00 than on @ambyr00 because I want to keep some voting power (yeah I noticed it gets less when voting more) on one account and the other one can accumulate curation rewards. It looked like I needed to power up the other account before it started collecting any so I did that.

@gamer00 I won't buy you a beer

That's mean... meanie! ;)

I'd buy you coffee if you are in Arnhem

Too bad I so rarely visit Arnhem. But I think I figured it out, I will try adding a hot cup option here for that rare occasion someone decides they want me to get a hot cup of coffee, cocoa or tea.

@gamer00 haha .. okay I don't mind being mean I'd still buy you coffee if you come here keep me posted!
or do I meet you in Amsterdam every month ?

as for the voting influence it has nothing to do with your SP..your SP would grow if you keep posting

do you have an introduce yourself post?
if not I suggest that you make one and then you'll do better
just make sure you take a pic of you with that paper that says Steemit +date + gamer00 okay.

for now stop voting you really have to on vote accounts specially the other one

I'd still buy you coffee if you come here keep me posted!

Ok, will do. :)

or do I meet you in Amsterdam every month ?

That'd be a bit overkill financially, while I wouldn't mind visiting Amsterdam every month. ;)

My introduction post, I posted it half a year ago, but then I had this period where I didn't post anything on steem so I may have fell into some obsolescence during that time. :)

I'll see what I can do about that voting thing.

I like ur all pics, keep it up, upvoted

amazing idea

Has anyone ever bought you a beer?

Here, never. It'd be nice though.