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Basically I should probably not use the steemleo tag or the front end. I thought I would be Ok using the steemleo tag and the appics tag since that blocks my content from showing on but I guess not.

I need to find another front end so I can use more tags.

I think I will try and start looking into the battle and spt tokens but right now I am kind of still leaning towards appics

I think Splinterlands has a front end so maybe I can try that. I really want to be able to use more than 10 tags but I risk a lifetime ban if I use the front end. :(

Seems like I should have been given some leeway since I am one of the top traders for Leo and I have done a lot of promoting of the token but oh well. Plus I used the front end a lot and provided a lot of Leo content but yeah. #7

Saturday 11-30



Keep in mind that SPT is for Splinterland content and BATTLE is for all gaming content.

The SPT tag is routinely checked by one of the top three holders of the SPT coin (Who holds allot of other tokens including #BATTLE) and they often downvote #SPT tagged content that isn't advertising / sharing information about the Splinterlands game/ Splinterlands content within it. On the flip side they also hand out big upvotes to post that stand out.

100% upvoted for your first use of the tags #BATTLE and #SPT. I will continue to stop by and upvote your #BATTLE and #SPT content as long as it contains sufficient information/content that pertains to the tribes.

You should try the game out and post about it. Doing so will likely provide you with lots of information to share on your blog and will be great content to share using the #spt and #battle tags.

EDIT: I'm not sure if you know or not but Steemit only recognizes the first 5 tags.

Yeah hopefully they let me slide. I think I did raise awareness for the token. The SPT and Splinterlands and battle are a bit confusing for me. I'd prefer to just use Steem but Steem is big on censorship and anti freedom.

I'll probably try and do a better more in depth post after the holidays.

I'm not big into gaming. I try and stay away in case I like it. I already play too much chess as it is.

Yeah Steemit only recognizes the first 5 but I think the tribes all recognize at least 10.

You only need to use #SPT for the tribe site. Splinterlands is just a regular tag. BATTLE is all gaming content. Some stuff about Chess would qualify for the Battle tribe and would likely be welcomed. I haven't seen any Chess topics in the BATTLE tribe so if you do one, it will be the first.

Yeah Steemit only recognizes the first 5 but I think the tribes all recognize at least 10.

Yeah, I only brought it up just in case you didn't know. What I usually do is use regular tags within the first five and then tribes after that.

I made a post from splinterlands.

Only 10 tags are allowed. :(


10 tags on Splintertalk.

12 + the battle tag on

Dpoll allows for allot but every post from there posts a poll.
Creating the poll on the site is very easy + no content restrictions.

Palnet allows all content and I think allows at least 10 tags.

Palnet is only 10 I think. Does have much censorship?

Its a gaming tribe, there isn't much else posted in it so there wasn't any need for anyone to downvote yet.

You mentioned you played Chess. Topics discussing that within the #battle tag would get some upvotes from me.

I wouldn't/don't put non gaming topics in the #battle tribe.

#battle when you are discussing gaming / Giving Dpoll a shot for random posts in which you can work in a poll (easy to do) / Palnet for randomness/everything else seems like your best bet unless you can find a everything Tribe that allows more than 10 (I bet there's one that does).

Hi! You have received a vote at 17.23% from @tlnt account for use the #talentclub tag.

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More info Here, happy weekend ;)

If you use Partiko, then post and then edit the first tag you can add more. I tried it the other day and it worked to add an extra. Try it on the tribes, I've never tried it there. The thing is the first tag is hardcoded in so changing it in the editor adds a new one. I don't know how many times they let you do it. Also Partiko is on a different node so those tags don't necessairally show up on the tribes view but they are still active! It's tricky!!

I use beem, get it installed and I'll send u my template to use any tag u want. It's kinda tricky and codey though!!

You wanna be able to post like me to all the tribes! If they don't make it no skin off my back!!

Yeah that sounds kind of confusing. Seems like there should be another tribe besides Leo that will work for more than 10 tags.

Have you tried Appics yet? I downloaded the app to my chromebook but had trouble signing in.

Beem sounds complicated. I'm not sure I could even install it on my chromebook.

Try neoxian been using it alot the most active community and I'm sure it's 8-10 tags but dont quote me on that

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks. I'll probably use that tomorrow.
It does allow 15 tags! :)

Nope, I'm not allowed in APPIX! I'm pre-blocked. Rather it's by invitation only and I never received the final link!! I couldn't find the APPIX logon button. I don't think there is one yet! It is complicated since it's not really available.
Not sure about the chrome book either. I'm sure it's possible but you need all the dependencies to run Python and BEEM and SSL!

Hmm. Did you download the app and try and log in?
I don't know how to run Python, Beem or SSL. I know some html but that's about it. lol

There’s no download available on the iphone, when i search APPICS the app doesn’t even come up yet. I’ll look for the desktop app. I’ve been wondering how everyone makes all those APPICS posts?? I know some people got invited, but they didn’t respond to my email last week. I think the dev must be one if the people from here that is blocking me. Maybe they are just swamped, I’ll keep looking into it.

Wow! You are correct! I knew I saw the little android and IOS thing on their page but the fine print says coming soon. I requested early access.

I'm trending in mysearchisover tag??

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 5.23.03 PM.png

Yep. I think you're the only one besides me who has ever used that. I don't have a token yet though so you won't earn any mysearchisover tokens.