Self-Portrait Photo Contest - 24th Week

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Dear Steemians,

By organizing this #contest I wanted to contribute to the further development & growth of the #Steemit community!

In the 24th week I will keep the prizes spread! So, there will be honorable mentions who will get 0,1 STEEM each!

There were no entries in the last week which made me a bit sad but I'm definitely not giving up the #contest! I just don't loose hope to make it a great #contest one day...

The post with the results & explanations can be seen on the following link:


Be creative & make self-portraits not in that common way as the trendy "selfies" but in a high quality way partly describing yourself & your way of life. Every each of us has many different roles to play in life: worker, sportsman, soldier, writer, driver, lover, husband, father, wife, mother, artist, model, waitress, lawyer, dancer, actress, scientist, doctor, singer, musician, politician, manager, nurse, porn star, prostitute, gigolo, pimp... or some kind of an imaginary character - somebody who you would like to be... There is plenty of inspiration for the theme!

Nudes are also very appreciated & welcomed as well as the conceptual & art #photography.

#Photos can be full color, b&w & #monochrome tones.

How to apply for the #contest:

  1. Use a #self-portrait tag as one of your tags in the post.
  2. Clearly mention the #self-portrait photo contest in your post title or post body & tag me in your post - @careassaktart (As this will help to grow this contest). For example: "This is my entry for the #self-portrait photo contest by @careassaktart"
  3. Ad a short story / explanation / description to the photo.
  4. Your #self-portraits must be your original work as well as the text following! Stolen content will be immediately reported to @steemcleaners.
  5. Post a link to your entry in the comment below this post.
  6. Please write in English.

Deadline: Wednesday, 20th of November 2019, 5:00 PM Central European Standard Time zone in Zagreb (GMT+1)

This is not a selfie #contest & selfies are not acceptable & will be refused & disqualified!

If you don't know the difference between a #self-portrait & a #selfie & consider to participate in my contest, I advise you to please read the following article:

Portraits of you shot by others are not self-portraits & will not be accepted either!


🥇 First place: 4 STEEM

🥈 Second place: 2 STEEM

🥉 Third place: 1 STEEM

Honorable mention will receive 0,1 STEEM!


"Freaky Monkey Me"

autoportret, APURI 1 of 3.jpg Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!
(This photo was made with Canon 60D & Canon 10-22 mm lens from my hand.)

I'm not exactly sure when & for what did I make this self-portrait but I think I shot it for the purpose to show how I look to the producers of some video advertisement where I was competing for the role. It could also be for the purpose of showing myself to the academy of art in Rijeka where intended to work as a model. It was also the time when I have just made the dreads & been growing a long beard & mustaches. & that is freaky monkey me!

All the prizes I’m sharing from my own pocket for all the rounds so far, including this one.

It would be very nice to have a #sponsor who would #delegate some SP so that this #contest can develop further more & that the prizes can be bigger...

By #delegating SP to me for the purpose of this #contest, you become a #sponsor / supporter & you will be mentioned in every next #self-portrait connected post of mine!

How can I get sponsors?

I'm looking forward to see your entries!

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow required. Of course, all the help and support you give is greatly appreciated and absolutely voluntary.


Calling all previous winners further to participate and make contest more popular and visible: @aslewofpoo @guchtere @wesphilbin @brittandjosie @vibesforlife @jorgerml @axeman @bil.prag @lightcaptured @deadgrlsuppastar @vasigo @orjantomarcelo @lighteye

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It looks like you are getting some participation on this contest! Good stuff!

Thank you for attending the last #PYPT show and sharing your contest with us. Don't forget to come back and visit again!

Yes, @lightcapture & @bil.prag often support the contest with their entries! Thanks guys! 😘

I really enjoyed involving in the #pypt that I will surely come again! Thanks! ☺

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Thanks again for coming here!

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Thanks! ☺

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I think partiko is not working well these days.
Also it takes a lot of time before the people will notice your game. Just a little patience about it, anyway great photo's.
found it in #pypt


nice nappy dreads man :D

unfortunately I usually like to remain faceless myself... would a heavily digitally edited image still qualify?!

thanks for sharing on #pypt

Well maybe you can DM me first in Discord with that image so I can tell you if it's OK?