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RE: Coronavirus: The "Cures" Will Be Worse Than the Disease

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Any vaccine will have the effect of possibly causing a Cytokin Storm (where your lungs continue to produce mucus and you drown on your own fluids).

You cannot cut this part of the virus out without producing a vaccine that completely doesn't work.

Vaccines give you the disease, although, hopefully, in a weakened state, so you have a much better chance of fighting it off.

So, if you are susceptible to lung problems, you can take the vaccine and definitely get hit with a Cytokin Storm, or you can hope that you never catch the virus.

If a person has enough vitamin B6 in their system, a Cytokin Storm can't cascade. Thus stopping the storm. Also add B12 to support the B6.

And of course lots of vitamin C for general immune system strengthening.

And, if you get the disease, start taking vitamin C, as this disease appears to eat up vitamin C.



Also don't forget to eat non gmo and non pesticides so the body can be better in health for fighting off any illness.

Good suggestions on vitamins.


That\s really funny, coming from an imbecile.

You know it's funny how Facebook says protection via Vit C is fake news.


Welllll, they are not entirely wrong.
Vitamin C is essential for your immune system to work at its best, but it doesn't guarantee immunity.

That said, every one of these things from f-c-book has been wrong.
So, f-c-book is a fake new outlet.