Frankensigns and SM Rewards:

in creativecoin •  11 months ago 

What a lousy morning,

Woke up in a rush just to find out
I was still in a dream state,
With what seemed like,
Angels and reapers
Discussing my fate,

Were they on a mission to claim me,
Or the baggage that's tamed me?
Could simply be sleep paralysis
Or just a reminder that death
Only for the livin

Or fuck it, nothing!

Mayhaps I'm just another sham
Tryna feint depth on the chain,
Yet another mad scientist
With his Frankensteins,
Passionate till discarded
Coz I can,

I'm a fiend for my kool aid,
They junkies for the pain
I inflict on them,

The perfect symbiotic

No demons summoned
No pacts or anything like that,
They get no say in this quest,

Pins and needles is all it is
I tell em,

Just lay there and hope the next one sticks,
Don't fret, the excess ink will dissipate
And Lord willin we'll share the riches,
But for now, just hold still
And let me patch up
Those stitches,

Here, have a go at this elixir,
It's your favorite, savor it
To my heart's content
Then rest up,

You need to rebuild your strength,
Tomorrow will be a long day.

Zombistein - by OpenClipart-Vectors, CCO,

There, another experimental poem. As always, your feedback is welcome.

And now, onto my SM rewards for the last 2 days.


Nothing special there.


An epic card and a Rare Gold one.... Niiiiiice! Goldie burnt now. 😜


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