Inktober Combo, Dragon and Ash, featuring SPT’s Lightning Dragon

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When I think dragon, I think fantasy and when I think fantasy, I think Splinterlands for some reason. Why look further than the Steem blockchain to make amazing fan art? It’s all here and much more appreciated than creating for a giant like Sanrio for example. Not that there’s anything wrong with drawing Hello Kitty, quite the contrary, but by getting our very own Steem-based critters known is an unparalleled satisfaction.


As you can see, there were preliminary sketches to create a new pose with the beast for witch I only found one reference in the Lore tab of Splinterlands. Lightning Dragon is the last known wild dragon species in the lands.


I picked Lightning Dragon because the design was closest to what I had in mind brainstorming. Many medieval representations of the supreme creatures were featuring them on all fours just like this one.


I decided to add a burned down forest in the background to cover the Inktober prompt ash. Masking fluid is an amazing medium to preserve the white of the paper. A great opportunity to render lightning effects as well as some faraway trees. I also added a bit of white ink around the masking fluid in the hopes of allowing the electricity to glow.

Used IZINK’s Caviar, made in France and I noticed the difference in quality compared to India ink. It is more stable and lightens a lot less upon drying so you get a better idea of how it's going to turn out as you are working.

Creating a background with broad strokes, over where the special effects will be, such is the power of this gum which peels off easily with an eraser.


Voilà, not that I would want to go against any dragon but this one is particularly fearsome.

Splinterlands is thriving in a bear market and I think one of the reasons is its compelling character design. I for one think it’s a terrific game and I love the fact that I actually own my cards; albeit @aggroed recently admitted that tweaking some of the stats may be in the proverbial cards.

Now that the betas are sold out, I can’t wait to discover the mysteries of untamed!

I am not sure I want to invest in the physical cards, how about you?

Check out @OCD for amazing Inktober content and as always, have fun!


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I like the burned down forest as a backdrop and lightning is always cool :)

Very good @steemmonsters drawing, I like the effects in B&W...
@tipu curate

Thank you!

I just notice that I forgot to upvote your post :-) Done...


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Just got my first gold foil card today!