Defend the Borders - the battle and rewards

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Dark times are rising, and conflicts in Splinterlands are becoming more and more cruel. Lords and Kings summon powerful armies to take their part of the treasure.

And the reward is most valued resource Dark Energy Crystals


Time for the battle. The army gathers on the battlefield. On the frontline, the strongest take on the heavy blows of the opponent. Silvershield Paladin builds the protection line and mighty Tyrus Paladium bless with additional armor.

The fearless Crystal Werewolf lower the enemy mages spell power and skillful Armorsmith restores the armors.

On the backline, accurate damage dealer Peacebringer do his job with precision and equanimity

Divine Healer have dealt with the difficult task of curing the wounds, so the fighting can continue.

thebattle.jpg battle link

The battle is over. Defeated withdraws and the winner takes the prize. But does it is worth all these efforts and sacrifices?


To be continued ...


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