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RE: Crypto Gaming State of Affairs

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Check out WAX blockchain. It is an EOS clone that is focusing on gaming and NFTs with an existing userbase and business that it can bring to crypto.

Prospectors are launching a new world on the WAX blockchain in a few days so that will be interesting to see.


So they are launching a clone on a clone.. Any other live games on Wax worth looking into?

I wouldn't call EOS a clone. It has been a pretty big step forward for DPoS. WAX is a clone of EOS and they want to remain backward compatible.

Not aware of any other games on WAX yet. I was going to see how Prospectors went before spending too much time digging further into it. I do know they have ported OPSkins onto it where they trade NFTs like counterstrike skins and guns. Still early days as they only launched their mainnet in June 2019.

Nono they are launching a game that has already been launched. I meant clone of a game. Clone on a cloned chain, how much traction will that get I wonder.

Sorry, I misunderstood. The new world is actually a form of expansion since they are planning to connect the worlds 30 days after launch and are going to use a common cross-chain token - PGL.

I think they will get a fair number of current EOS-based players setting up WAX wallets and joining the WAX world due to this.