This is my 100th day on Hive.

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I joined back in july, and became a member of the CTPtalk community.


From there I expanded and discovered several other interesting communities.
But my main base is still CTPtalk because of the amazing support I get there.
I also discovered games like DCity and Splinterlands.


I started out by doing some small investments in Hive and CTP tokens.
I got myself up to 500 HP and 4000 staked CTP and has grown over these 100 days to
over 550 HP and over 14000 staked CTP.
In addition I invested some in DCity because I saw some potential there and it has been a good investment that is yielding around 700 Sim a day at the moment which is around 3 hive.
Splinterlands is a little slow going but I get a few DEC a day from doing the daily fights.
But my main investment here on hive has been the @ctpsb , the CTP Swarm Booster of which I invested 2100 Hive into. And that investment is growing rapidly, and is likely to yield around 40 - 50 % APR.

I was very active in writing in the beginning, it has been toned down some, so now I am mostly writing one or two posts a week.
I have shifted the focus more on finding good investment opportunities, joining curation trails.
Doing a little manual curation, and working on my DCity.

I have also experienced a hardfork, which is a strange ride with a lot of bugs and ups and downs, but I have confidence that it will all be ironed out in the end.

This has been a fun and interesting 100 days, and I believe the next 100 will be just as fun and interesting

Have a nice day and God bless


Big congrats to 100 days on the blockchain Asle, and nice to see you growing here, keep up the good work.


Congratulations! I had not considered how long I have been on Hive (I not even sure where I would find that information). I know it is nice to hit milestones where we can look at what we have accomplished and set our sites on the goals we want to accomplish by the time we reach the next milestone. Keep on keeping on.

You have been exactly 130 days on Hive today , you joined in june. ;)
You find the info here

Thank you so much for pointing that out to me. I love finding these hidden gems (tools to help us in our business).

Congratulations on 100 days on Hive, Asle!

I hope that we will celebrate a year soon!

Nice to have you here!

Next summer.

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