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Hello again!

I was at the dentist today, and I was quite hungry afterwards, so I had some coffee and bread in a market café.

There were a lot of house sparrows there waiting for me to drop some bread crumbs on the ground, so I grabbed my camera and took some photos. (It was a good thing I had taken it with me. Even if I'm not feeling very creative currently, it was nice.)

Btw. I noticed I've finally joined the 70-club. Coolness!

Cute birds. Wouldn't you say?

See ya!

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Very interestingly captured them, they very restless and couldn't give a better exposure to lens, but you have done beautifully.

I like the sparrow and photography on it.

Wow a lot of House Sparrows & nice collection of photography of them!


Hermoso @gamer00

Pretty sparrows..! You shot them very well with your camera and becoming a good view.

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