I reviewed some Steem Dapps this morning

in #dapp-reviews2 years ago (edited)

Inspired by @ alexvan's post, I went to dapp.com this morning and reviewed a few Steem Dapps myself.

This can be a great exercise to many of us, especially since there are enough Steem Dapps without any reviews (one of them was SteemPeak until this morning), and I believe reviews have their influence in the visibility dapps have on dapp.com.

You need to be logged in on the site to be able to review any site. Which means you need to have an account if you don't have one, or you can use your Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts to log in. I preferred to create a new account with an email and password.

I added three reviews, for Splinterlands, Steempeak and Steemit. Here they are:







It isn't much work as you can see, but the fruits of it can be seen outside the Steem ecosystem and can have a long term visibility. That a simple way to #promo-steem ecosystem!


To some of these Dapps I could leave them 5 stars only if they improve security.

Eg. see https://steemit.com/stem/@gaottantacinque/compromised-accounts-on-steem-blockchain

What you described -- very convincingly, I might say -- is the need for every major interface to look after its users not to do something stupid like broadcasting their private keys (in a comment, post or memo).

I think this is a relatively easy update for them to implement, they just needed someone to remind them about its importance. No need to lose a star over it, in my opinion. :)