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RE: How to Get Rich Rewarding Others on Hive While Ignoring DeFi

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I read up about liquidity pools and all that but I didn’t want to waste money trying it out so when I saw TRON copy it I took 50 bucks and gave it a shot! I didn’t expect to make anything I just wanted to see what it was all about the mechanics behind it and all that

I don’t like to just read and learn I like to participate and get first hand experience and TRON gave me a cheap option! I see EOS has also launched their DE-FI platform and I’m sure we’ll see more chains follow soon enough


Awesome good to know. I definitely like getting involved as well to try and learn something, but spending $50 plus possibly to learn seems a little steep to me currently.

I may buy some EOS and see if I can take a look at their DeFi. May give Tron DeFi a try as well as much as I don't want to.