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RE: Rückblick auf 2 Jahre STEEMBlockchain - Freude und Freiheit? - Reputation 68

in #deutschlast year

What a wonderful reminiscence! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your nice comment! Sorry for no translation... i thought that it is only about the german community and nobody from the english section will be interested in this ;-) Do you translate or do you understand german? Greetings - in August i will be on Cape Breton... may be there will be a chance for a little meetup? Have a nice weekend! Kadna

With Google Translate installed on Brave, any text which is highlighted will be translated.

Would love to meet up in August if you are passing through Halifax!

I want to go to the parkrun in halifax ;-) So maybe a saturday can be a good day to meet? ;-)

Sounds wonderful. Point Pleasant Park is one of my favourite bike rides. 😎