Bitcoin-Rekord und Binance-Leak

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Binance has to deal with a blackmailer, Libra with an international association of data protection officers. Meanwhile, Bitcoin exceeds $ 11,000, while the yuan is devalued. In Venezuela, OTC trading volume is rising to record highs.

Binance: KYC-Leak
The Bitcoin exchange Binance has become the victim of a blackmailer, which should be in possession of up to 30,000 customer data. Over a thousand identity documents have already been distributed on the Internet. After a failed negotiation attempt with Binance, the perpetrator has announced further publications. On various telegram channels, he publishes self-recorded images of Binance customers, including ID documents that were produced as part of the registration process. To stop the release of these Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, the Bitcoin Exchange intends to pay 300 BTC. Binance responds by claiming a bounty of 25 BTC - and seeks the data leak from a former contractor.

ECB: Bitcoin and Co. can become a threat
First signs of a paradigm shift at the ECB? The European Central Bank provided a report on its assessment of the impact of the crypt sector. In it she warns that cryptocurrencies could endanger the stability of the financial sector. Among other things, it is currently unclear how many banks are investing in cryptosystems and to what extent traditional economics and finance are linked to the prices of digital currencies. Corresponding information gaps should be eliminated. The ECB also wants to refresh its own analysis tools.

Libra on the dissecting table: privacy advocates publish questionnaire
Facebook has not yet answered all questions regarding its planned platform cryptocurrency Libra. International privacy advocates have now written a common questionnaire with which they want to feel the Facebook Coin from the data protection point of view on the tooth. In doing so, the privacy advocates are particularly concerned with the fact that Facebook, with its broad reach, can become a global custodian for millions of people virtually overnight. Signatories include the European Commission's Supreme Data Protection Commissioner, Giovanni Buttarelli.

Bitcoin record in Venezuela
In the permanently crisis-ridden Venezuela, bitcoin trading on the P2P platform LocalBitcoins reaches a record volume over the weekend, calling the US government on the scene. This has now frozen all state accounts of socialist Venezuela in the US and confiscated the assets. The dramatic escalation is a consequence of wide-ranging diplomatic disputes between the two countries. However, it also shows what explosive power Bitcoin & Co. is already achieving worldwide.

Yuan depreciates, bitcoin price rises
The Bitcoin price climbed above the $ 11,000 mark earlier this week. With a 24-hour plus of more than eight percent, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization recorded the strongest daily gain at the beginning of the week. At the same time, the Chinese government devalued the state currency Yuan. An accident?

Litecoin Halving completed
The Litecoin Halving was successfully completed at noon on the 5th of August. From now on Litecoin miners will receive only 12.5 LTC per confirmed block. The LTC price reacted with a big jump and put a toe above the $ 100 mark again. Alone, the correction has not been long in coming.

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