Intergalactic Gaming’s Q3 Progress Report

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Intergalactic Gaming is for me the best gaming platform which is also listed on some stock exchanges. I started investing and playing here 4 months ago. So far I can only say top. Take a look and get informed and share your opinions.

Below are the topics listed what happens in the quarterly report a look purely worth it.

  • IG Celebrates First Year on the TRON Blockchain
  • The IGBountyWay
  • IGG Token Sale on the Platform
  • IGLabs Update: Change in ORB Distribution
  • IG x Esports
  • For F1FA Sake Announce #Unknown2Pro Initiative
  • IG Partners with LimeJuice Group
  • Proton Sign World Champion
  • Galacticans United Sign FIFA 20 Trio
  • Platform Updates
  • Fairwell FIFA 19, Hello FIFA 20!
  • The Final Countdown

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