Bitcoin And Crypto Suddenly Branded A 'National Security Issue'

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been thrown into the limelight by social media giant Facebook's plans to launch its own private cryptocurrency next year, with much of the attention negative...

Hello together,
it's no wonder.. I personally waited already a longer time for that.
What if I tell you, that's why they create Libra?
Is Libra the Trojan Horse for cryptocurrencies?
We all know Zuckerberg is working close together with governments world-wide.
It's longer known governments are not crypto friendly. With Libra there would be billions of people start using crypto and the bankers fear to lose billions of customers.
So, is Libra a trap to get started with the real war on Cryptos by the governments?
I think we will find it out soon...
Have a great day

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If crypto can be welcome by the mojority of people the US can lose it power to inflict ecomic restriction to other nations. It can be the end of petro dollar