Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Market Cap Due to Surpass $1 Trillion this Cycle, $8 Trillion Next | NewsBTC

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Crypto asset market analyst and partner at Adaptive Capital, Willy Woo, believes that the market capitalisation of Bitcoin alone will surpass $1 trillion

Hello together,
it's all about Bitcoin, everyone believes Bitcoin will go to the moon the next years.
So what's about all the altcoins, some call it also shitcoins?
My personal opinion is, most of them will die and only a view will survive.
Which serious bigger investor ($10mill. +) should invest in altcoins when there is a much more safe possibility with Bitcoin?
Some of the altcoins which have a similar potent background like Binance will survive.
No financial advice, my own opinion.
Have a nice day

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I did a post related to this the other day. IMO there are a few major altcoins that'll do okay or even well. Bitcoin has problems, slow transaction times, etc.. other major alt coins don't making them enticing.