NovaChain Exit Scam Highlights the Danger of Trusting Crypto Influencers » The Merkle Hash

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Influencers are cancer upon our society today. While these people get paid to share sponsored opinions on products and services, they are not necessarily a reliable source of information. This is especially true in the cryptocurrency industry, where no one’s opinion should be trusted. The recent NovaChain scam shows how users should always conduct their own research first and foremost. NovaChain Isn’t a Trading bot When people first learned about what NovaChain was, there was a sense of initial excitement. Trading bots are of great interest to a lot of people, as everyone wants to make money in this industry

Hello together,
another Monday, another Scam, another Crypto Bloodbath....
When does it end?
These scammers are a danger for the whole crypto space, they are responsible for the bad reputation of Crypto in the public, for the volatility and for more and more regulations.
Another week in red..
Have a great day

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