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Okay, so it doesn't involve catching a roadrunner😁....

(Let me know below if you remember this fun cartoon.)

But I do have about 20 STEEM left from my last round of investments. And it is about to be invested. But the question is where or how, right?

Not really as I think I have already made up my mind. Will it be STEEMMONSTER cards, or powering up our community @Doer-Minnows account...or maybe something different? This is where the contest part comes in.

Take a guess at where I am planning on investing and earn a chance to get yourself up to 1 Steem. Yep, it's that simple. All those who guess right will earn themselves a share of the 1 Steem prize pool.(To be paid out at post payout.)

Should you upvote, follow and resteem this post?...well yes, of course....


Just simply leave a comment below stating where or what you believe I will invest the Steem and you are entered.

Also if any of our newest members of The Doer-Minnow Project show up and take a guess, they will get a consolation prize regardless of if they are right. So, @erixink, @maxwellmarusart, @loistargarien feel like making a guess?

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way. Without each of you we would not be where we are today. I love this community and all our great friends!

And if anyone reading this is unaware....our newest members that join Steemit do not receive enough RCs to easily interact and post here. So if you are able, please try to find a newbie to offer a delegation to. It only takes a 50SP delegation to allow them the freedom we all enjoyed when we started. I appreciate each of you who are willing to reach out to help our community.



I think it would be for the steemmonster card!

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Thank you for your guess brother. Time will reveal my choice soon enough. But, you already received a taste of how I'll invest it. 😁😁

Well I can't read your mind, but if it were me, I'd Power it Up then delegate it to @Dustsweeper. It's a two-fold win. Dustsweeper helps users (particularly small accounts) make sure they get value for their dust, and on top of that, you would bring in a trickle of Steem and SBD back to you to use for future projects

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I had just read about delegations to dusty paying back their delegators. So it seems like a pretty good investment. And I agree that @dustsweeper does an enormous amount of good for the small guys!

@johndoer123 only 1 resteems left! Please consider extending your subscription if you enjoyed my service! In alternative delegate 15 SP and reply to this message for infinite resteems! Thanks   : )
Reply OFF to mute these renewal notices (or if you've already re-subscribed - new credit gets applied after reaching 0)

Some info I forgot to mention about Splintertalk comments. If you are using the Splintertalk.io interface you may not see all the comments made on your topic. All comments users make from Splintertalk will show but for some reason if a comment comes from another interface (such as Steemit) sometimes you will not be able to see it from the Splintertalk interface. You will however still see all comments from your main blog interface (steemit / Steempeak ect.).

Very interesting. I'm sure it's something that will be addressed soon. As I would assume it is just a simple code issue. Probably just needing to tie into the steemit nodes or just in a different way. But that is great that you let me know so that I didn't miss anything. Thanks brother.

I’m guessing it’s powering up the @Doer-Minnows!

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Hey, thanks for swinging through and for your guess. We will find out in just a few more days. I wish you the best the week has to offer.

For me let power up doer-minnows so the account support the community and each members. @johndoer123 make some profit share so the project will growth, example: for delegation and shares return its up to you daily or weekly. and @doer-minnows make some curation for example contest or whatever good to doer-minnows.

We may get to a point where i will accept delegations and pay dividends to investors in the future. As I do like that idea. But, I believe people should invest be ause they believe in what we are doing, not be ause their is something in it for them. But we may use this tactic in the future. We will have to wait to see. Thank you for stopping in my dear brother.

Looking for ward to it @johndoer123 thank you.

for me my friend, I think you should power up that 20 steem left and if you want to help someone that's the time you'll delegate. If your doerminnows rising the sp, many steemians will benifits with that. But still choose want you heart wanted to choose.

good luck and have a nice day brother.

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Thanks for you guess my dearest brother, and for swinging through. I hope this week has been good for you. We will find out in just a few days how I plan to use this last bit of Steem.

Definitely steem Monster !

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Alrighty. We will find out soon enough.😁 Just a few days until post payout.