DrugWars - A Song For the Fallen

in #drugwarslast year

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The time once was when my brave troops
Could fill three shopping malls,

But now the echo of defeat
Is all that fills these empty halls.

I sit and think, O where, O where,
could I have gone awry?

O why, oh why did all my
Crypto forces have to die?

I think back to that fateful night the killing all began,
Could I have made a tougher fight?
Should I have made a stronger stand?

It doesn't matter anymore,
The fight now never ends.
My destiny is naught but war,
And nightly slaughter of my friends.

I cannot keep enough alive
For but a single night,
To let my business grow and thrive.
I see no end in sight.

The DrugWar took its toll on me,
I'm barely hanging on.
Maybe it's a bigger game,
And I've become the pawn.

I offer up these verses
To the fallen of the war,
You'll never be forgotten,
And one day I'll fix the score.



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Does this mean I get actual cake? Like in the picture? Carrie, I'm looking at you...

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I know exactly what you mean. No way to build armies anymore, I get hit 3 times a day by the same asshole. Geez, can't he pick on someone else once in awhile. It's really pretty pointless now. Lured in the beginning with the claims of earning Steem, that's now such a thing of the past. And the future of FUTURE appears very dim to me. I loved you poem, I hope you are having better luck with #spt!

What's spt?

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SPT is the Steem Engine token Splintertalk, which can be earned from posting on the Splinterlands forum or Splintertalk.io. Do you play Splinterlands?

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I got hit too and now I just farm future.

In 25 or 27 year I might have something of value... Ha!!!

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lol, I'll probably just stop recruiting guys and let my resources get plundered. I can still make the heist deposit and get the daily Future... until I lose interest :D