My Splinterlands Battle With Fire Splinter. [Rulesets : Little League and Back to Basics]

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Hello, Steemians!

How are you all ? I am well and hope that you all are fine. Today I am here to share my Splinterlands battle where the ruleset was "Back to Basics and Little League".

@Splinterlands is hosting a contest named "Share your battle" and I am gonna participate that contest with this post. That's why I am sharing this battle with you. If you want to participate to that contest, simply go to @splinterlands blog and you will find it.

Splinterlands team also asked some questions that I have to answer and I am answering them one by one. Let's start :-

  • In this battle the combat rule was Back to Basics and Little League and mana cap was 18. So I choose fire splinter because I have some good cards with less than 4 mana in this splinter. I placed Cerberus in the first position because it has high damaging power and speed. Then I choose Furious Chicken and Creeping Ooze as a backup and also Chicken costs no mana and Ooze costs 1 mana only. Then I Choose Beetle Queen because it has 2 magic damage. Then I used Fire Beetle and Highland Archer because they have 2 damaging power. as one of the rulesets was Back to Basics, cards lost their abilities.

  • Yeah my strategy worked and I won the match. I will try Kobold Miner and Elven Cutthroat if Back to Basics rule is unavailable.

  • Neither I love nor hate this ruleset. Sometimes this ruleset helps me and sometimes doesn,t.

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